Take Five Friday: My Motivating Friends

We are right on the cusp of spring! It’s so close I can taste it in the air around noontime, but it’s still a bit chilly in the morning to enjoy a whole day out. This is the time of year I need motivation to tell me to Hang on, we’re close. So, this is my top 5 Friends that motivate me. Now, I have never met these people in real life, but if you can’t call people who motivate you “friends,” who can you?

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5. This e-book “How to Be Remarkable” is, well, remarkably good.

4. Rowdy Kittens – she keeps me focused on what is truly important in life: not stuff, but yourself. All her posts are full of helpful advice with treading lightly and being aware.

3. Dragos Roua’s blog is my newest motivating find. I adore all the posts, but every time I want to get jazzed about starting my day, I just open 33 Ways To Start Your Day” and get a kick in the pants a smile on my face, and the motivation I need.

2. ColorMeKatie - Katie’s blog isn’t necessarily a self-improvement blog, but she focuses on making people smile, and that is a huge focus of mine. When I feel down, I just look at some of my favorite posts on her site, and feel my goofy grin return. I also become inspired and get instilled with a sense of happy calm.

1. I have been reading Henrik’s Positivity Blog for a couple years now, and it absolutely never fails to pick me up. His fantastic article titles (“Mark Twain’s Tips For a Kick-Ass Life“) and spirited optimistic-but-not-naive outlook makes his site a must-read to feel better.

Also and honorable mention: Zen Habits and his “E-mail Sanity” post have motivated me to clear out my inbox and I feel so much lighter!

What kind of self-improvement friends do you have?

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  1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I’m glad to hear that you have stuck with the blog for so long. =P Have a great weekend!

  2. I have no idea how I could overlook this article. Belated thank you for mentioning my blog and a short heads up/typo: my name is Roua, not Rua :-) Once again, thanks for the mention, really appreciate it :-)

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