Month: August 2011

Week in Review

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Although this week was kind of poopy (I think i am getting exasperated with the sun/heat, a different kind of Seasonal Disorder), it’s starting to clear up and be a wonderful weekend, despite having to work on Sunday. Here’s the week in pictures:

Wished ‘Tortilla Tuesday’ a happy anniversary,

saw a cloud that looked like a sitting camel, then sang “Prince Ali” while in the car by myself,

The Beau got Limited Edition Confetti Pop tarts. Let me tell you a little something about pop tarts in our house. They are our dessert. Never a breakfast thing, so these confetti ones are right up our dessert alley. And let me tell you, THEY TASTE JUST LIKE FUNFETTI CAKE. It is uncanny!

Went with my mom, sister, and sister-in-law to see The Help. I liked it, very beautiful direction and the clothes were to die for. I’m still not sure about the story, I have heard so many conflicting views. But, I do know that watching it has made me want to read the book, and to find books about Civil Rights by black women in the South.

We watched this Spanish thriller-horror movie called ‘Eskalofrio’ (Shiver) and it was pretty good. We have watched quite a few Spanish language horror movies and they are all so much better than drivel that America seems to think is good.

Lastly, I saw this penpal gift idea on Design Sponge and am thinking that all my penpals will be getting these soon, they look like so much fun!


I also wanted to apologize for my lack of posting. With it being so hot outside, there is little I want to do except write the occasional letter and lie down on the tile next to tortilla and eat my pop tarts in frozen yogurt.

But I have a lot of things I’m working on, mainly in the vein of DIY and crafty things, so stay tuned!


Tortilla Tuesday – ANNIVERSARY!

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Happy one-year anniversary, Tortilla Tuesday feature. You are the most popular thing on my blog, and I am totally okay with that. :)

Tortilla Tuesday

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Needs that window open to properly survey the neighborhood.

Week in Review

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Let’s see, this week:

I had what started as a girls night dinner with family ladies, then my brother came and we got to take cute pics of him and the baby. Matching stank faces!

Got two letters in the mail this week, one including stationery from the 70s! I say that’s a postal win.

Chilled with my sis and niece.

Celebrated National Smores Day with a trifle concoction.

Not pictured:

  • Dyed my hair. NBD just black. As The Beau said “that’s a good summer color.” *shrug*

I also tried unsuccessfully to convince The Beau to make a stout cake – maybe next week. But he did make me this Strawberry Experiment – strawberry frozen yogurt, strawberry Pop Tarts and strawberry syrup. With whipped cream. I was in heaven.

National S’mores Day

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Although I’m not entirely sure if it’s officially recognized (that takes an act by Congress), today is National S’mores Day.

I’m going to celebrate two ways: posting some fun ways to share s’mores with others below, and by partaking in them as much as possible this evening.

Amy Atlas, twig + thistle, Weber recipes

I am so interested in that Weber recipe for grilled banana s’mores. I know The Beau will email me as soon as he sees this and say, “I can’t believe you held this from me!” and I’ll have to make it to make up for the secret.

Tortilla Tuesday

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Here is a legitimate tuckered-out photo. This was after a day of constant walks.

Week in Review

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I made a tumblr for best friend in honor of her birthday. She loved it – what Leo wouldn’t like all that attention?

Took my dad for surgery (don’t worry; he’s fine) and perused his bookshelf (look at those vintage bindings!)

Went to the dentist and it was a good visit. The high after a good dental appointment is like that of acing your final exam.

Lots of monsoons equal not only the best time of the summer (except the oppressive humidity), but also my favorite time to take pictures!

Tore through a lot of “Like You’d Understand Anyway” and it is amazing. Short stories you want to be longer, historical fiction that I crave, it’s all there.

It’s the first week of the month and I haven’t done a month review. I decided 6 months of that was enough. Finances? Meh. Books? Obviously need to read more, always more.

The week in review is much more enjoyable than a monthly one.

Also, the last picture above is The Beau’s concoction. He calls it the Quintuple Quatro. Those Neapolitan OREOs were gone pretty quickly in our house.