My Home Bar: The Single Guy

This edition of My Home Bar is about the capriciousness of experimenting…and the recipe, yes, of course.

I found this recipe via Esquire’s food section. Their interviews with bartenders are great, and I love when the bartenders chat about their favorite concoction/ signature drink. You can read the whole interview with New Mexico bartender Leahi Mayfield here, but here is the “recipe” she mentioned that sparked my interest.

What’s in a Single Guy? You do tequila, a splash of triple sec, a splash of sweet-and-sour, and then a splash of cranberry.

A side note though: since you’re probably at home reading this, do yourself a favor and make your own sour mix. There is no reason to submit yourself to pre-made sour mix, unless you are really itching for a doozy of a hangover tomorrow. They are waaaay too sugary. This is the recipe I used, from Serious Eats.
Once making my own sour mix was done, I felt like I could do no wrong. I mixed 2 oz silver tequila with 1 oz each of triple sec, sour and cranberry.
This is where it kind of went off the rails. I have a feeling that silver tequila might not have been the best for this. It probably needs the caramel, golden notes to blend well with the other ingredients. Also, pure cranberry over my cran/grape/pom blend.
On a beautiful note though, I just had to add this short called “The Birth of a Barrel.”
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  1. I wish I held my liquor better…or at least I didn’t want to throw up after the first sip:) Oh, and I added your blog to the side bar on my blog!

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