Swayztember Dancing

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Happy Swayztember!

I will be celebrating by watching some of my favorites, and seeing if I have overlooked any of The Great Swayze’s film library.


I fully love this. Not only is this gif great, but it goes with so many great songs. I have watched it while listening to:

I’m a Slave 4 U

Take a Chance on Me

Danger Zone

♠ and of course, Party Up (Up in Here)

Pretty Excited About New Albums Day

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I got an email from Karen O.

I mean, it wasn’t personally addressed or anything. But still. She wanted to tell me to pre-order her new album and I blinked (blunk?) hard. New Karen O? Yes please with a side of right now!

Not 20 minutes later, I found out Dan the Automator had a new album with M.E. Winstead (together called Got a Girl) just released and my music gaskets just about blew right there.


So, needless to say, I am as happy as 2006 Jess with my YYYs frontwoman and 1/3 of Lovage putting creative and simply brilliant new music into the world to listen to this autumn. So stoked to ride around the neighborhood, blasting I Love You But I Must Drive Off This Cliff Now and Crush Songs in my ears.

Wrestling Photo of the Month

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A new series combining an old obsession with a new: photography and wrasslin.

I wish I knew who took this photo. But I do know it is Bryan Danielson aka Daniel Bryan and Kenta Kobayashi aka KENTA in London, circa 2006. KENTA-gives-Bryan-Busaiku-Knee-Kick-England

KENTA gives Bryan the Busaiku Knee Kick in England, via Wrestling Hurts

Cereal Magic

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I thought I was the only one who fills the breakfast bowl with tons of cereal because I am obsessed, but apparently Vaughn Fender also thinks cereal is magic.

PepperJess in Portland!

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road-trip-journalI am so excited – starting tomorrow I will be in Portland, OR for five days! I will be there for work, but I will also get plenty of downtime and I could not be more thrilled to explore! I know Voodoo Doughnuts is high priority on my list, but other than that, I will just be wandering around, stumbling upon photobooths and food trucks (I’m hoping.) I cannot wait to take tons of pictures, walk everywhere, and freeze my butt off because this Arizona Girl has no concept of “rainy day wear.”

Victoria Will’s Tintypes

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I know that everyone and their mother has been talking about Victoria Will’s tin types, but I just had to post a couple because as someone who has worked in a darkroom, and has made a few Van Dykes, the way these look is absolutely STUNNING.

victoria-will-sundance-portraits-jason-momoaJason Momoa

The poses were planned out before the photo was taken, and it was taken with a long exposure, so it must have been thrilling to watch as the actor kind of settles in and holds whatever pose they chose. It really makes staring into their eyes more uncomfortable, because they have had time to sit and focus on the camera, to really kind of think about what they are doing.


I just love them. It has definitely inspired me to keep going on my portrait project for the year. I may not be skilled enough to create tin types, but maybe I can figure out how to be more comfortable with a subject.

philip-seymour-hoffmanOf course this one of Hoffman is one of my favorites. One of the last photos taken of him, ever.