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Record Store Day is Whatever Day You Want

audrey-hepburn-recordsRecord Store Day is officially in mid-April every year.

On a Saturday, when I usually have to work and never remember to request off. So I always miss it. And it started to get me down.

Until I realized. Record Store Day can be whenever the fuck I want it to be. I live less than a half mile from a great book/record shop, their albums are pretty inexpensive. And yeah, they don’t have all the RSD special pressings, but they have that Tom Waits and Otis Redding records I have been looking for, and that’s even better.

A Josh Homme Playlist

I can’t even remember how I discovered BBC6 Sunday Service with Jarvis Cocker. But what really hooked me was the fact that filling in for Jarvis was…you guessed it, Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age. And the songs he chose made me so happy I thought my heart would burst.

He explained that so many people have not heard these songs, and “we’re gonna change that right now.”

Since the audio is no longer available, I happened to make a playlist of the program, just for you. A lot of the songs are punk and bluesy, so I thought October would be a great month to set it up here.

Screamin’ Jay Hawkins – Alligator Wine
WhoMadeWho – Space For Rent
“Speaking of wonderful mental illness” The Cramps – Garbageman
The Damned – Neat Neat Neat
Björk – Enjoy
Primal Scream – Miss Lucifer
The Saints – I’m Stranded
The Doors – Not To Touch The Earth
Iceage – Ecstasy
Bill Withers – Use Me
Bauhaus – Ziggy Stardust
Roky Erickson – Anthem
Sly & The Family Stone – I Wanna Take You Higher
Savages  – No Face
Komeda – Disko
Misfits – She
Dadje Von O Von Non – Gnonnas Pedro & His Dadjes Band
Eagles of Death Metal – Speaking In Tongues
Grimes – Oblivion
Beck – Girl
Blonde Redhead – In Particular
Cat Power – Werewolf
Ramones – Sheena Is A Punk Rocker
Ac/Dc – Dirty Deeds Done Cheap
Iggy Pop – Sweet Sixteen
Iggy Pop – Nightclubbing
Arctic Monkeys – Do Me A Favour
Bobby “Boris” Pickett – The Monster Mash

josh-homme-nmeI mainly wanted to write a Homme post because I wanted to use this screencap from a magazine.

As an added bonus, let me tell you that if you ever want to find some new music to delve into, check out the BBC6 Radio’s Playlist section. Totally awesome.

Happy Birthday, Joan Jett


Dearest Joan Marie,

Happy Birthday! You don’t look a day over 40, and yet you are turning 55. I have loved you since I was little (Crimson and Clover was my jam, next to anything by Queen), and a few years ago I got to see you in person.

Remember when you were in Arizona and sick and hawked loogies and flung sweat from your chest into the audience? I was there, too! And while I didn’t get sick from your rock-germs, I did one of your guitar picks and hung out with your band, the Eagles of Death Metal and your tour bus after the show. Probably a highlight to my life I will talk about to the end of my days. I love you forever, I like you for always. As long as I’m living, the 2nd head of Rocker Lady Mount Rushmore you’ll be.

Happy Birthday, Jack White



Photo via Ewen Spencer

No one cooler, born in the month of July than Jack. No one that can shoot the blues through your heart like Jack. Happy birthday to you, Seventh Son. Fold your own Jack!

Skating Polly, Lost Wonderfuls

skating-polly-rockingphoto via MentalSwag

A couple weeks ago, I was trying to create a Spring playlist to play while unpacking my new house and general “fun” adult stuff. I couldn’t think of but a few new songs I liked well enough, and had the spring-y vibe, to add to the list.

Then the lovely Liz tweeted about an interview she did with Skating Polly, a riot grrrl band if there ever was one. With a 13-year old frontwoman. And an album produced by Exene, from X.

Their album Lost Wonderfuls was just released early April, and it really is a great album for rolling the windows down and letting loose on a Friday night.

Also, I love this version of “Mr. Proper Englishman.

Don’t take my word for it, you can also get Exene’s take on these little rockers:

Sound City: Reel to Real

This morning just got 20x better. Thanks to Drew Magary, I found out that NPR is streaming the Sound City soundtrack today. I thought about saving this for links of the week, but I wasn’t sure how long it would be streaming.

“Thanks for the info, Jess, but what the heck is Sound City?”was what I heard from the ether. And just let me take a little excerpt from the amazon info page about it, if you must know:

“SOUND CITY, the film, was conceived by Grohl after purchasing the legendary custom-built Neve 8028 recording console from Sound City Studios last year. The board, built in 1972, is considered by many to be the crown jewel of analog recording equipment, having recorded such artists as Neil Young, Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty, Johnny Cash, Guns and Roses, Metallica, NIN, Rage Against The Machine and countless other musical legends over the past 40 years.

SOUND CITY–REAL TO REEL is a brand new collection of all-new all-original songs, each one composed and recorded exclusively for the film within its own 24-hour session on that console after it was reinstalled in Grohl and his Foo Fighters’ own 606 Studios. The new tracks–featuring an amazing and idiosyncratic cast of collaborators including Paul McCartney, Grohl’s former Nirvana and current Foo Fighters bandmates, Stevie Nicks, Rick Springfield, Trent Reznor, Joshua Homme of Queens of the Stone Age, Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick, Lee Ving of Fear, Corey Taylor of Slipknot, Brad Wilk and Tim Commerford of Rage Against The Machine and more–passionately exemplify SOUND CITY’s celebration of the human element of musicianship and recording in an increasingly digital world.”

So yeah, it’s awesome, and I can’t wait to listen to it in my car, flying through the desert and waiting for the new Queens of the Stone Age album to be released.


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