Write a Letter to Someone You Admire: Gala Darling

Every letter in this section is designed to inform you of someone you may not know about, and how and why I adore them.

Dear Gala Darling,

I wanted you to be my first(!) admiration letter because, thanks to you, I have summoned the courage within myself to publish my thoughts, knowledge and humor for all to see. Without your words of encouragement throughout the two years I have been reading your site, who knows where my genius would have been buried?  Your limitless knowledge and spunk-moxiness have been the kick in the sparkly pants I needed to get myself going!

Aside: 3 years ago I started a zine, Poubelle, that i adored making and starting thinking seriously about how I could self-publish on a grander scale. The zine community of activists is way rad, but wasn’t quite the right community I was looking to open up my goofy, positive soul to. Plus, I hated wasting so many trees with all the pages. Then, through a wash of Pink Brilliance, here entered Gala and her coquette/voyeur-like way of letting the web world watch her taking command of her life, and sharing all her wisdom with others.  Her words slapped in me in the face in the nicest way and i started reading everything she wrote voraciously. End Aside.

The universe guided me toward your website in the hope it would open my eyes to the possibilities of the world; and it finally did. I have started this site/blog in hopes to bring imagination, humor, magic and some of my Grade A moxie to the lives of everyone i possibly can. If your world isn’t as fantabulous as you want it to be – you make it so!!! You have turned your world upside down more than once, twice, thrice, and are the better for it, Gala. Everyone – awash yourself in the positivity of the world and let it soak into your hair (no matter what hair color it may be!)

Dearest Gala, you deserve every happiness that you come across; you have earned it!

For anyone who has just come out of a cave, or just turned on a computer for the first time, please get thee to www.galadarling.com, the most wonderful pink-haired glam goddess awaits you!!

the grooviest lovebunny.

the grooviest lovebunny.

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