This Old Can

10 uses for a tin can:

1. telephone (must have two in this case – and a person to talk to)



2. safe- make sure to use can opener that makes the edges ridged and not razor-blade smooth

No one's gettin' my Kitty necklace!





3. vase-Andy Warhol style up your flowers

4. pencil holder (cover in paper of your choice, or for a modern look, leave metal showing)

5. funny gift box-who knew you could fit so much fun stuff in a can of soup?)

actual gifts going off to be mailed!

6. tv reception-may not work as well as a man covered in aluminum foil, but worth a shot)

7. doorstop (fill with sand or concrete)

catch me if you can! get it-can?




catch me if you can! get it-can?

8. stilts (once again, two-can operation)


9. goggles/binoculars (you don’t have to get all fancy and put glass in them, this is just for fun, people!)tin-can-telescope1


10. coin bank (good ol’ standby)

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