Carpe Noctem

Seize the Night.

Seeing how I have a day job, I don’t get to explore the night as much anymore; and that saddens me. The night is most mischievous, kind of like myself. Which is why we get along so well. The cover of night shields you, doesn’t judge you, and washes away any negativity that had built up during the sunshine hours. The night always seems so eager for you to come out to play, and so I shall make a resolution to indulge her and discover all the fun she has to offer, before it gets too frigid after sunset. Come along!


Tea Parties-fun in the daytime, but even more terrific at night! any sort of outing with friends where eating and drinking is involved is sure to end up a rollicking good time. But tell them it’s a tea party at night? they are positively begging the sun to go down to see what you have in store. Make sure you go out on a full moon, because you want to find a place where the street lights are minimal to truly take in all the night has to offer.



photo by Elif Sanem Karakoc


photo by Elif Sanem Karakoc

Lakeside i’m sure almost everyone lives within 20 miles of a lake-i live in ARIZONA and one is 19 miles away! So get thee to the lakeshore after the sun has set. sure you can’t go boating or anything like that, but being by the lake for a few hours in the dark, watching the ink-black waves lap against the shore in a rhythmic, soothing way is just what the doctor ordered when the day has been a little too chaotic.



Downtown-most downtowns become ghost towns after 5, when the cubicle-clans go back to the suburbs. all the more reason to wait til they leave to bring you and your posse down to the city center. i once went downtown while there was a basketball game (which i didn’t go to) and there was a busker on the corner who I convinced to play Backstreet Boys songs on his saxophone! hilariously glorious! Just be careful, my pretties, and unless you are skilled in jujitsu, take a buddy along with you!

Record stores– Calling all TRAX* and Championship Vinyl*-philes! i don’t know how many do, but the awesome record store Zia in Phoenix is open until midnight everyday! i love going in there around 10 and trying to find the most random album i don’t have in my collection. i was in there one late night and squealed when i found Flight of the Conchords on vinyl, on sale!! i 23-skidooed up to the register, and even sang a couple bars while waiting to be rung up, to the delight of the others in line!

Outside in general-the thrill of being closer to the sky and the night without a roof is delicious in its possibilities. you don’t need to be going somewhere or doing something, because the night has a way of mapping out the events. So make it a point to be outside some point in the evening, and the let the beauty of nightshade find you!

 What do you do on any particular evening?

*Pretty in Pink and High Fidelity, respectively.

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