Review: EoDM’s Heart On


To start, if you have no idea who the Eagles of Death Metal are, please watch this.

If you don’t like them after that song, well, you just don’t like any sort of fun.

That being said, the newest gift from EoDM, Heart On, is without a doubt their best to date. Believe me, I have been very tentative at saying this, because I love Death By Sexy, I adored Peace, Love and Death Metal and air-guitared my heart out to “Boys Bad News.” But truly, to be fair to them, this is a goldmine of appropriate licks and tasty yet meaningful lyrics.

It starts off with regular EoDM fare, which is nothing to sneeze at: lots of “faux-vado”- what I like to call self-aware bravado – with “Anything ‘Cept the Truth” and “Wannabe in L.A.,” their first single. But as you keep going, it gets better and better. “”(I Used to Couldn’t Dance) Tight Pants,” while having one of the most amazing titles ever, is an explosion of rock on an ideal, fantastical level. This is the kind of hilarious, yet incredibly hardcore stuff rockers and secret rockers (like sweet lil me) could only dream of. And yet, here it is.

The end of the album, “I’m Your Torpedo” is a very nice, yet subtle change. If you are into Queens of the Stone Age at all, and know Josh Homme (pause for drool) and his musical leanings, you will hear that this is more of a Queens song. Or, as one friend and music buff simply put it: “It’s a Queens song. It’s a really, really good Queens song.”

Also, listen to “Cheap Thrills” for the Eagle-ettes – their voices totally make me think of Alicia Silverstone and Liv Tyler in the Aerosmith videos! Yes, I realize they didn’t speak in them. But if they did, they would back up EoDM just like that!!

All in all, definitely worth actually buying the CD, even if you are just going to burn it into your ipod library, because the album art is also incredibly awesome! You can never say no to man with a fu manchu. Trust me, I know. ; )

*kiss* Thank you Jesse Hughes, for emerging from the desert and bringing a soul, a pair of tight pants, and an incredible heart back into rock.

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