“The Dream” Question, Answered

I intended to publish another article today, but I absolutely have to wait to publish it because I had the most refreshing experience.

Backstory: I really like to send out texts to a whole lot of my friends, to see what their answers will be. Some of them skirt the questions, some try to be funny, and some…well, some just make me want to cry they fill me with happiness. For your enjoyment, I will share the best of today.

The question for today was “Finish this sentence: ‘If all of my expenses were paid, what would I be doing with my time? I would be…'”

Or, as I like to call it-the Office Space question.

Here is what i got:

“I would be selling vintage clothes on etsy, shooting photos of street style,  making zines and silk-screening tshirts by hand to sell.”


“Crafts, joining a local theatre, and probably volunteering.”

“I think I’d take my camper up to Alaska in the busy tourist months and meet and talk to tourists.”

“Traveling across the mountains and camping underneath the stars.”

“Traveling, spending more time with family and telling others about God.”

Writing, watching more movies, reading and playing video games.”

“I would be a professional student and concentrate on my art.”

“I’d probably live as many places as I could.”

“Travel, eat, sleep, smack hoes, makeout and watch tv.”

“I’d live in Denmark. You know they’re considered the happiest people on earth? Screw Disneyland!”

“Write a book/screenplay and create a website offering my services as an editor.”

“I’d be sitting in jail. Because my driving style would be noticed by johnny law.”

and, the one that made me want to post these, from my righteous ASU freshman cousin Jen:

“Going to school and saving up other money I earned to buy my own planet and govern it with my knowledge.”

My friends and family never cease to amaze me with their humor and their dreams.

What would you spend your days doing if money was no object?

One thought on ““The Dream” Question, Answered

  1. Don’t you wanna know how I’d spend my time?
    Why, drinkin’ beer and punching blokes and fightin’ ’round the world!
    Aussie Aussie Aussie! Oy Oy Oy!

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