Next Stop, Wonderland: The Inevitable Year-End Wishlist

Bonjour and hello my little darlings!

Of course everyone and their mothers are doing their “top 8 of ’08” and “my xmas wishlist” posts this time of year and to that I say – PHOoEY i’m doin’ one too!!


So many wonderful things to enjoy.

  • Betsey Johnson Silver Dress – perfect for New Years Eve parties and champagne!

  • Sex and the City Complete Collection – because as much as I was against it for awhile, I am in deep!

  • Flamingos – for the backyard of my new house

  • Carousel pins

  • Louboutin pumps – cost more than a whole month’s rent for a reason!

  • Luella “Batman” clutch

  • Wonderland satchel – for those magical weekend trips to LA and Prescott!

  • “LEGENDARY” necklace – I can’t lie; it speaks to me.

  • Fred Flare Portable Record Player – for the above mentioned weekend trips, and for picnics too!

  • “Jeux D’Enfants” on DVD

  • Giant “Lolita” poster

  • Kate Spade “par avion” clutch

  • Tank Magazine Tank books – giants of literature in a cigarette pack book!

  • Miss Dior Cherie – light and airy, without being too sugary-sweet.

  • Revenge by Ellen von Unwerth – sexy at its best.

  • Polaroid 600 film – need to stockpile!!

  • Mitch Hedberg CDs

  • Holga Medium Format Camera with 35mm back Adapter

  • Crazysexycool Shoes

  • Collapsible Wardrobe Rack – for clothing swaps, drying intimates or to just keep my best outfits on display.

  •  Funniest (for you French-speakers out there ) umbrella. It doesn’t rain very much in the desert but when it does, I would adore this to make all the French-Canadians smile.

  • I WANT CANDY Bangle

This thoroughly makes up for my non-image article yesterday, non? 🙂

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