Write a Letter to Someone You Admire: Jennifer Brandt (Taylor)

Dear Jennifer,

     In the fall of 2002 I started University and it was my big chance to strike out on my own. I moved into an off-campus dorm and when my mom and dad left, I breathed a big sigh of relief. All this new discovery – new town, new people, new dangers, new adventures – thrilled me to no end.

    My favorite thing to do on campus was going to the student bookstore, and I stumbled upon the book that changed me in the best way I could think of. With your (Jennifer Brandt -now Taylor) book, Life is a Movie Starring You! The Pesky Meddling Girl’s Guide to Living Your Dream,  you tweaked my outlook on life. You turned me onto things I would have never thought of, and reinforced the ideals of living life with confidence, no matter how eclectic, eccentric and extraordinarily bizarre you think you may be.

     You made me realize that liking funky jewelry and curling my hair into flapper waves wasn’t a thing I should be made fun of for. I should hold my raven-haired, cloche-hat head high and proclaim with pride, “I’m here! I’m weird! I love me the way I am!”  

    You also got me interested in making my own zine, and when I finally got the confidence to go out on my own and publish it, I fell in love with it! You were so right!


Jess “Pepper”


One thought on “Write a Letter to Someone You Admire: Jennifer Brandt (Taylor)

  1. Spotted this when googling my recent press (i’ll admit it), and was so happy to read this lovely letter. You’ve completely made my day! Thank you for posting such a sweet letter, and i’m glad it inspired you to start this fabulous site. Love and leopard print (always), J.

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