attack-of-the-moving-boxesphoto by brandonrhodes

Well, all the boxes are finally starting to pile up. Empty boxes, I mean. Because, despite my best efforts, I am still a procrastinator by heart. We have about a week before we’re allowed to move, and the end of the month is when we have to leave the apartment, but that still hasn’t motivated me as much as I’d hoped. But, we have finally found a house! *swoon*

The best, most amazing thing about the house? it’s right next door to one of my favorite friends! It’s cheaper than my apartment, big enough to breathe, but not too big that it just gets filled with useless stuff, a backyard for Tortilla to run around in and to start a veggie garden!

There is some ghastly paint in the kitchen, but with a little expert color matching, it might be livable! i have so many exciting decor ideas my heart is going to burst from excitement!

But, first things first…

Packing up all the stuff!

Do you have any tips about how to purge stuff before moving? Or perhaps some organizing tips for the new place? Or maybe you can think of a name for the place? Le petit tresor is all I got so far, and it might need something a tad less girly.

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