Bettie Page

I know everyone will be posting and news will be reporting on her, but she has touched my life in such a special way, I wanted to thank her too.
When I became a woman (uhhh…or 18), I became interested in the rockabilly scene, and pinup girls. I wanted to make tattoo-style wallpaper andcover my walls with anchors, roses and pinups. I loved the “nose art girls” and naturally, I found Bettie Page through my meanderings, looking for pinup pics. I was in awe. She was the epitome of statuesque! I admit I dabble from time to time in the bettie hairdo department, and she never steers me wrong:


She had the amazing magic to be completely dirty and dripping with sex appeal in pictures, yet somehow still convey an innocence that transcends photographs and warms your heart.

She was the physical representation of the Madonna/Whore conflict  that resides within us, whether she wanted to be or not.

She inspired me to get 2 pinup tattoos, and now I know with certainty what my next one shall be:


in honor of her.

And tonight I will be working on making a little shrine so that whenever I feel frumpy, or lack the self-confidence to blow kisses, I will look at it and remember I am lucky enough to be the same species as the Notorious Bettie Page, Queen of the Curves

What do you think of Bettie Page?

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