Take Five Friday

I miss summer. 🙂summah-summah-summah

Today, I’m givin’ you a little heads up about 5 things I’m giddy, grateful, excited, or the ilk about on this very day!

1.Moving– i don’t know why i thought moving around Xmas time would be fine (read: it isn’t) but we’re almost done and can soon start decorating!!!!!
2. Decorating said new home! I am so excited to bring out the paint, sew up some new curtains and rock out with the ipod to get this new place into tip-top Jessica shape!
3. BFF arriving soon. She’s comin in from DC, and it’s been figuratively since forever (literally since about march) since I’ve seen her and i am itching to hug her! It’s incredibly hard to keep together when you’re 3000 miles apart, but we manage pretty well. and now that she’s all smartified (i.e. graduated from college), we can communicate more without her late-night, early-morning papers and exams!! We are also in the works for a super-special, super-secret hush-hush project that we will hopefully be getting off the ground in the next couple of months! I swoon for secret art plans!!
4. Xmas! i refuse to say the C-word, because I love laughing thinking about reese witherspoon saying “merryxmas” to everybody!
“Mistletoe Alert!”
But I really love being with my family and eating cinnamon buns and laughing and carrying on about presents. I just wish I could make everyone gifts! But I had a really good time picking them out online, instead of rushing around stores inanely.
5. Making lists. I am on a list-making spree! Gifts I have gotten people, decorating ideas, bills and responsibilities I have to make happen, ideas for new posts, how I want to make my backyard into a mini-oasis in the desert. I need to start a new moleskine soon!! woo-hoo!!

What’s your five?

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