Petite. Tiny. Miniscule. I do love me some small stuff. I was obsessed with making things smaller and smaller when I was little, I wanted to live in a dollhouse like you wouldn’t believe! Unfortunately for my parents, it was never a “normal” dollhouse I would envision: it was a crazy version of a dollhouse, with handmade wallpaper (resembling an acid flashback tie-dye shirt), furniture made from thread spools and salvaged workshop wood. From the outside it looked like a regular ol’ tin house, but inside…Salvador Dali could have lived there! Wow. That was a tiny sidetrack…anywho… without further ado! An ode (in my favorite form: List!) to the little things that make life that. much. better.

amelie-finds-the-treasuresphoto credit

Little kids’ trinket boxes (Amélie) – could you imagine fitting your most treasured possessions in a tiny little tin? Note to Self: I should make another article about what I would put in my own little trinket box…

Miniature roses, tiny cameo jewelry, the world’s smallest postal service. I want to start making these and send to my friends.


little bunnies incomprehensibly-cute

cutesy (or not that cutesy), mary jane shoesred-mary-janes greygoosie



typewriter charms typewriter-charm

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