Secrets of the “Cool” Girls: An Investigative Report

Sorry, I’m not going to be talking about Cory Kennedy (who is sooo ’06), Agness Deyn (although she does get it almost right) or *shudder* Peaches Geldorf (is she divorced yet?). Nononono, they’re sooo last season. I don’t even want to bring myself to type their names again. Their fampiric ( feminine vampires) reign of droopy, sloopy sloppy fashion is done. ’08 was about the hobo-chicness of people who can afford far more than Derelicte. Oh!-Nine will be all about the off-kilter world of staying completely technologically, politically, and physically updated and yet sitting back and enjoying just plain living life. Can you handle it? I knew that cha could. Anywho, onto the topic at hand. “Cool” girls. We all have dealt with them sometime in our lives and love ’em or hate ’em they do have a knack for being noticed. I mean, that is why they’re labeled “cool.” Well, thanks to being able to rub elbows with some of these awesome chicks I have been able to glean a lot of info on what it takes to be…”cool.”

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They don’t smoke.Yes, smoking will always be the “dangerously cool” thing to do, no matter what ex-smokers, doctors, athletes and your parents say. We cannot flip through a magazine with pictures of runway models without seeing them puffing away. But, the fact is, their flash-in-the-pan coolness will melt away with their looks, while true coolness, from treating your body and friends around you with respect, will never die. (Little secret: Whenever I see my friends smoke, I think they look very unattractive. It totally changes your outlook on a person.) And cigarettes, despite what people think, do not make you thin. In reality, you are just trading one obsessive behavior (overeating) for another (smoking). So, Coolness Rule # 1: Physical obsessive behavior is not kosher. (obessing over Journey or paint swatches? completely ok.)

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They treat food as fuel- not foe. Everyone knows the crazy things models do to stay thin. Eating paper, binge and purge, drugs. The best part about being a “real” human being is that we don’t have to fit into size 0 clothes everyday, and that most of us have a pretty awesome chest. All the real girls I know for a fact to be cool have a healthy relationship with food. They don’t have to dream about eating-they just do it. But, one of the best things I learned was from a book near and dear to me, and that was: taking time to enjoy the food, and company, of your meal is as important as the nourishment itself.

Instead of grazing all day with tiny little meals, having three solid meals helps to keep you in tune with your body’s cues. Scarfing down and inhaling food doesn’t give your body time to take it all in; it never knows if you’re full or not. Being around people you enjoy talking with only lengthens the meal and lets your body take a breather, to catch up on all you’ve consumed. Taking the time to savor each bite, imagine how all the cosmic forces in the universe came together to put that delectable (and don’t kid yourself, McD Hound, it all SHOULD be delectable) flavoring in your mouth.

have-you-selfhugged-todayself hug

They love themselves.This may be the hardest secret you can accomplish. Many girls take years upon years to achieve this one, and it isn’t without its setbacks and tears shed. That’s why it’s so important to have a strong value system within yourself and your closest companions. There is a very big difference between loving yourself and being self-centered. True blue cool girls know where that line is, and stay away from it. You should never compromise what you think is right for what is cool. “Easy for you to say” you might retort, “but when you’re in a high-pressure sitch, sometimes you just have to go with the flow, right?” Wrong, my precious one. Just because everyone is smoking, doesn’t mean you should light up. What if some hottie wants to hold your hand and one is holding your purse and the other your cigarette? Wasted moment! You compromised your health, your integrity and a special moment with a hottie for what? Some stinky hair?

relax in a bathchillax-in-the-bath

 They know how to relax. Being cool means also knowing when to shut down, when to stay quiet, and leave things alone. Yes, being a social butterfly is essential to staying “in” and “cool,” but you also need to stay in tune to your body, so when it needs help, you can react with grace, instead of ignoring or freaking out about it.

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They know how to compete – and win – with poise. It’s one thing to win. But it’s a completely different thing altogether when you can win without gloating and teasing the opposing team because of it. A truly righteous girl knows she’s good, knows she can win – she just slyly keeps it to herself.

 my bestie, jess becausejess-awwThey know how to enjoy life and not take anything, especially themselves, too seriously. That’s all that really needs to be said about that. If there’s one thing I take from the coolest gals I know and love, it’s that you have to laugh more than you’re serious.

these girls know how to rock a

They know about having a personal style.Every girl I study has a most definite sense of style. She doesn’t look like all her friends; her sense of style is individual. Her friends wouldn’t wear something she did because she has made it hers. Thats where the confidence comes in. Sophia Loren said that sex appeal and confidence is 50% of what you have and 50% what people think you have.

They know the value of friends. Having friends shows that you are kind and capable of creating and holding bonds with other people. Keeping friends shows you are trustworthy and very comfortable to be around.

They know the power of staying healthy and fit. Going to gym (or even just working out at home) improves your body shape. You don’t like to feel sluggish and too tired to go out and live life. Contrary you don’t want to be too thin and weak to actually participate in life either. Maintain a confidence with your body is the ultimate in cool accessories.

whispering girlsloose-lips-sink-ships

They know that rumors are a waste. Think about this saying – “Great minds talk about ideas, average minds talk about events, small minds talk about people” – the next time you have the urge to spread a rumor.

Well, that is as in-depth as I can go on the subject of “cool” girls for now. In the future we can take apart this article and talk about each aspect if you like! We can start with my favorite: Personal Style!

What lessons about being righteously cool have you learned from your friends?

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