Take Five Friday

Five U.S. Cities I Want To Live In:

austin-txphoto credit

1. Austin. Of course their music scene is out of this world (hello SXSW) and is the darling of certain “indie” directors, Austin seems to have a vibe of being a big city, but extremely down home and laid back, two things I like in contrast.

2. San Diego.I love the Hotel Del (Marilyn was here!) and the Historic Gaslamp District, and the fact that all year it’s on average 75 degrees. Where do I sign up for that?!!?!?

new-orleans-balcony1photo credit
3. New Orleans. Or at least go there and help build houses. But I want to meet an old Voodoo woman named Claire Devereaux Lune and howl at the moon with her.

portland-signphoto credit
4. Portland. This is probably the coldest place I would want to live. But the scene here seems pretty awesome. And the people seem out-of-this-world amazing.

jersey-lilly-prescottphoto credit
5. Prescott. I practically lived there when i was little with my grandparents, and I love that tiny town! I would live next to my grandma in a historic home and paint it bright blue, have a fruit/veggie garden and a huge backyard to let my chihuahua Tortilla run around in and lots of places for guests to sleep.

What are your Top 5 favorite U.S. Cities to Live In?

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