Inauguration Day: Sea of Hats

photo by robert cfedora-for-hope

Watching the inauguration this morning, I noticed that there were a ton of hats in the crowd. Granted, it was about 26 degrees and with wind chill even less, and a hat makes you the smart (and enviable) one in the crowd, there was a sea of incredibly fashionable and daring hats. There was the O-beanie,”  a whole sea of warm ones, and I was finally able to find a picture of the guy that inspired this whole article, Mr. Red Fedora (above the First Lady’s wrist). Let’s not forget the always-fabulous Ms. Aretha Franklin and her utterly amazing hat:

aretha-franklin-and-her-fabulous-bowcare of mtv online

A lot of people say JFK’s inauguration began the decline in popularity of men’s hats in the US, but just because everyone pounds it into you doesn’t make it true.  

If you’re thinking about hopping on the fashion bandwagon of change and sporting a chapeau, check out my top-rated sites:

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