Letter to Someone You Admire: Florian Kaps

Dear Mr. Kaps,

 For possibly saving Polaroid as we know it, I thought you deserved a letter of your own. You eccentric businessman, you. You have made millions of indies, hipsters and photo-film snobs cry with joy at the fact that we won’t have to succumb to the new Polaroid POGO, ZINK or whatever crazy acronym they want to make up.

You have created a safe haven online gallery for polaroids, polanoid (which I used to upload to a while ago), and even sanctioned a Polaroid-only art gallery in Vienna called Polanoir. Your spirit of being “more than a business plan” is exactly the kind of thinking the world needs.

We Love You. We can’t wait to create memories instantly for years to come thanks to you!

Kisses and much love of instant memories,

The Little Pepper

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