Happy Birthday, February 6th!

While looking up birthdays for today, I was astounded by how many kick-ass people were born on this day. Ready?

Mamie Van Doren

mamie-van-dorenphoto credit

François Truffaut

photo credittruffaut

Tom Brokaw

i-have-many-leatherbound-booksphoto credit

Bob Marley

photo credit00t/29/arve/tih/001/013

Axl Rose

photo creditaxl-sweet-young-axl

And yes, the man we all knew and adored for the last two years? Rick Astley.

So, today put on your best pinup makeup, wear your hair in dreads with a bandanna over it and film yourself dancing to “Never Gonna Give You Up” whilst reading the news. Bam.

It also happens to be my UNbirthday as well!


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