Oscar Time! My Top Movies of 2008

Or, The Top Movies I Saw in 2008

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Since everyone will be doing their Top 10 and Top 50 ( editor’s note – no, there weren’treally that many good movies of 2008) lists in excitement for Oscar night, I thought I’d let you in to the top movies I saw last year. Now, I know some of them are 20 years old, and yes, some are ludicrous that I hadn’t seen til now, but bear with me people, you will want to rentflix these films ASAP!

  1. Alien/Aliens – Scariest movies I had seen in a LONG time. I actually have nightmares, and I never have nightmares. My dreams are about hopping into convertibles and driving with friends to the moon to see concerts. Aliens scraped that out and made me realize I will never want to be part of a space federation – mining, R & R, nope. never.
  2. Predator/Running Man – These films were fantastic. I am lumping them together because they are both Schwarzenegger joints. Predator is my favorite, because the monster’s headdress thing is so flippin’ amazing it’s a thing of architectural beauty. Also because the characters have some pretty choice lines. The Running Man was originally written as a novel by Richard Bachman (cough, cough) and set in the dystopian future (cliche, but still incredibly wonderful), the  tells of a reality tv show where life is constantly and consistently on the line. HELLO! This movie was made 22 years ago and it talks about the hunger of people to see real death and violence through their tvs?!?! It’s so perfect I didn’t know what to do with myself!
  3. Mamma Mia!/Happy Go Lucky(which I admittedly, haven’t seen the whole thing) – I have decided to start “slashing” all my movies in hopes that the genres work out. Granted this one is a stretch. One is a musical about getting married, the other’s leading lady is as single as they come. the core of why I smooshed them together is the feel of the movies. They are both incredibly fun and lighten your heart. They are not lighthearted in story (well, making a musical set to ABBA is a bit lighthearted, but I’m trying to make a point, please): finding out who you are at the core, and being able to have fun and be around people you love while you do it. Good, smiley stuff.
  4. Tropic Thunder/Iron Man – OK, obvious slashie reasoning here: Robbie Downey, Jr. What is so great is how he can go from blockbuster action man to self-aware, almost Peter Sellers-like comedic characters in the course of a summer blockbuster season.
  5. Casino Royale/ Quantum of Solace/ Wanted – Whatever you do, DO NOT see all these movies in one sitting. You will puke from motion sickness. And pure essence of badass-ness. I only just saw Casino Royale before Solace came out and I loved it. I’m not too keen on Vesper, but I’m working through that demon. Wanted is in the same vein, only not in the slightest. It’s got the beautiful, in-control, powerful woman, a lot of action and cool cars and gadgets, but that’s pretty much where the similarities end. Geeky, low self-esteem and unwillingness to be a “hero” are not words in Bond’s vocabulary, but they all make for a fantastic watch.
  6. Son of Rambow – I didn’t actually get to see this one, but I know for a fact I’m missing out, so it’s on my Netflix, lost somewhere between 8,000 episodes of Brisco County Jr and Kung Fu movies.
  7. Forgetting Sarah Marshall – Puppets, lots of rum, sex jokes, and underneath, a story about breaking up and healing, Apatow-style…set in Hawaii. The best laugh of ’08.
  8. Dark Knight – didn’t think I had forgotten, now did you? 🙂 But really, I don’t need to say anything because you can just watch the Oscars and they will say just what I would have (seriously, the Dark Knight/Heath Ledger speech they “produced” was mine).
  9. Lastly, Swingers – oh my god why didn’t anyone tell me I had to watch this movie?!?! Granted for some reason when it came out I saw the name and wanted to see it because I thought it had a little to do with swing dancing and therefore wanted to see it. But, I wouldn’t have gotten all the little nuances if I hadn’t had watch 20,000 other films before it. Reservoir Dogs? Casino? Even the character named Sue would have been completely lost on 12-year-old me. So, I guess it was good I waited. But geez, not this long!
  10. oops! I almost forgot The Love Guru! HA! Just kidding kids, I like to control when I lose brain cells – by drinking, and that’s it!

What flicks have you seen in the last year that you enjoyed immensely?

On a side note, but still slightly pertaining to movies, this reddit about watching movies backwards is great. The Fight Club one made me lol.

Also, in an unrelated sidenote, this is the best reason to join Twitter.

2 thoughts on “Oscar Time! My Top Movies of 2008

  1. Seeing Mama Mia on there, I can no longer take you seriously today…Maybe even for a full week.
    And shouldn’t it be Robbie Downey, Junie?

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