Road Trip: Today, Tomorrow

road-trip-yayphoto credit

I will be taking a road trip today after work to visit the Meggsy in Tucson. I will miss my beau and Tortilla terribly, but I am hoping to get some great photobooth shots with my friend. It promises to be a most interesting two days. Which is why I will return with much photographic evidence. Make sure you most definitely check back April Fools’ Day for some spectacular news and the like!!
Ex OH Ex Oh,
The Pep-editor!

Standing in Lines and Queues Etiquette

This morning, I had the *pleasure* of standing in line at a grand opening of a huge Forever 21 (swoon!) near my house. I use pleasure incredibly sarcastically because the people I had to wait near were in the running to be awarded the Worst Line-Standers in the World trophies.
I decided instead of following them to their cars and stealing their gift cards (yes, we were given gift cards for being the first 300 people to be in line), I would write a special article about etiquette when you are among the masses. This goes for any sort of line/queue situation: concerts, grand openings, rides at amusement parks, etc.

1. Convos. You are standing in very close proximity with people you do not know. If one does not know the proclivities of others within earshot, one should not engage in conversations about politics, religion, or any sort of inflammatory subject. Because there are few things worse than someone correcting your discrepancies or idiocy while having to wait 2 hours in front of them, mortified.

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Take Five Friday: Decor, Paint and Renovation Day Dreams

Today I received wondrous news. I had emailed our landlord (my beau and I rent a house) and asked if we could remove the wallpaper from the semi-unattractive kitchen. Not only did he give the affirmative to remove diagonal ugly wallpaper, he told us that we should decorate “as if it were our own.” SQUEEEE! I was so excited I felt like dancing around the wallpaper in a sort of “death dance,” but thought it too cruel. But, in my mind, ideas started to resurface that I had held below brain sea-level.

Which brings me to my post today.

It may be kind of weird to post a Top 5 Wish List for our rental, but it will also keep a little permanent diary of how things progress.

Firstly, some pics of the house, BEFORE:

camera-august-through-february-131There is the dreaded wallpaper. I’m not sure if the tenant before was going for a Tuscan motif, but they really should have re-thought the Fiesta Ware walls and DIAGONAL wallpaper. I can’t wait to remove it! I might even flip my hair like Amelie’s father. We have no ideas yet about what color to repaint, but we have plenty of time.

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Nom, Nom, Nom: Marshmallow Treats

I’m going to try this new series out, Nom Nom Nom, in which I try a recipe, no matter how cliche or banal, and see if I can at least do it, and, maybe even spruce it up a bit. The best part will be the pictures!

For my first “Nom” I will be making Rice Krispie Treats. Sounds easy enough right? You would be wrong. The first–and last– time I made these marshmallow squares, they became so hard and untempting the birds i left it for in the backyard wouldn’t even touch them!

On that note, let’s forget the old and think positively. Here’s the recipe:

3 tablespoons butter or margarine

6 cups Rice Krispies cereal

1 package of marshmallows*

*Note: you can use marshmallow creme, but it tastes so much better with fresh marshmallows!

Now, I am a big proponent of the adage “a watched pot never boils,” so I threw the butter in a pot on low heat, and “forgot” about it. Special note- as much as you want to go fast so you can nibble off the remnants in the bowl, use LOW HEAT to melt the butter. You don’t want burnt-tasting treats, now do you? The best food takes as long as it takes. Sounds cryptic, but while you’re staring so intently at butter trying to melt you will know what I mean.

Once the butter is melted, add the marshmallows little by little. I alternate between letting them melt, and stirring the butter and marsh-goo together. When the marshmallows are fully melted into a cream (no lumps), add the rice cereal. Use a strong spoon to stir this crazy mish-mash until fully blended. Pour mixture into a 13×9 inch baking pan (for thicker treats, use an 8×8 pan) and spread out using wax paper on top. Before they cool completely, I sprinkled M&M’s on mine for an extra chocolate treat!

MMM…*nom nom nom*

camera-august-through-february-3761yes, this was taken in my backyard with my gnome eyeing it.

It was a hit at the party we threw, although now I know we should always make double if not triple batches!

What is your favorite comfort treat?

Take Five Friday: Spring Edition!

So, in honor of the first day of spring, I thought This Take Five Friday would be the Top 5 Things I Am Looking Forward To In Spring!!

1. My Birthday! I am a Spring Baby (april 7th), so I am most definitely looking forward to a reason for everyone to give me hugs and wish me a special day! Stay tuned nearer for my birthday for a special article I like to call “Seven Things Aries Hate About You,” in rebuttal to Mystic Medusas’s Virgo rant.

birthdayphoto credit

2. Desert Botanical Garden’s Chihuly Glass exhibit It is only at the garden in AZ until the end of May, so I have to get out there and see it. I imagine a Dr. Suess-like wonderland. If it isn’t, I will still imagine it that way!

terry-rishel-chihuly-glassphoto credit

3. Some awesome movies coming sooooon! Away We Go, Drag Me To Hell, The Brothers Bloom (with its questionable grammar title), Little Ashes (even though it has Robert Pattinson), and maybe, perhaps, The Limits of Control (I am so getting some ridiculous glasses like the gal in the trailer!).

4. Etsy Storefront! One of my friends is opening an Etsy shop on April Fools, and I am doing an interview with her to find out what is going to be going down! I am so excited to see all the baubles she’s putting up! She’s a flippin Tiger Shopper!

hella-tuff-stuffetsy store opens April 1!

5. Enjoying the beautiful outside weather with my beau before it gets too ghastly hot and he won’t emerge from the air conditioning until late October. I love him to death, but he hates the heat. 🙂

What are you going to be doing in the gorgeous springtime?

Flower Meanings

Because spring has sprung with a vengeance in my neck of the woods, I thought I’d work a little springtime magic and post some magical meanings for flowers. I love poring over old Victorian books that talk about flower meanings and I find it fascinating that everyone knew the meanings and would send flowers accordingly. That and the fact that they expressed much more through symbols and gestures back then. Can you imagine not being able to tell someone how much you love them because of strict moral codes? But, still, the gesture in itself holds a powerful meaning to this day. “I cared enough to pick these up for you, because i wanted to see you smile.”

You could also send a friend a single flower (or a miniature spray) or even a potted plant and attach a pretty little handmade card with the meaning on it!

Begonias — Beware. Kind of a straightforward, unbecoming meaning for a flower, and try as I might, I could not find a reason why this pretty little flower could be construed as a warning. (can any horticulturalists help out with this one?)

Carnations — There are many meanings of carnations, but the most widely accepted are fascination, distinction, and love.


Daffodil is the symbol of new beginnings, rebirth, and bravery. It is usually the first bloomer in spring, because it is genetically constructed to withstand a bit colder temperatures than most flowers.

Daisy – innocence. Daisies, whose name means “the day’s eye,” being so plentiful in meadows, were often worn as headdresses by young maidens, hence their strong attachments to youthful innocence. daisy-chainsphoto credit

Gardenia – Their white flowers convey a sense of purity, their sweet smell a particular loveliness not found in every flower.

Gladiolus – Strength of Character. It is said that the Gladiolus was the flower of the Roman gladiators. The gladiolus is named for the shape of its leaves, its “gladius,” or sword.

Holly – Different religions and groups of people the world over correlate Holly with Domestic Happiness. Romans would decorate their whole doorways with it to keep their households protected. They attributed the powers of protection to the god Bacchus, who would protect their houses from lightning (Zeus) if they filled their houses with friends, parties and happiness.

Hydrangea – Perseverance in Heartfelt Apology. It is said that this Japan-originated flower was sent, in apology, by a Japanese emperor to the family of a girl he loved. His only recorded apology, ever.

hydrangeasphoto credit

Iris – An iris use to have the ancient stigma as a serious warning to be heeded. Iris’ were planted along graves in ancient Greece and Rome to guide the dead to the afterlife. It is also thought of as a symbol of regal stature and royalty.

Jasmine – Worn throughout southern Asia and of course, the Hawaiian Islands, Jasmine is a symbol of grace, elegance, and amiability.

Lavender – This pretty perfumed flower gained the meaning of distrust by the facts that in ancient times, asps used to make lavender their retreats, so caution was always given around the plants.

Casablanca Lily – With its big, bright, welcoming blooms, the Casablanca Lily is the perfect flower for a meaning of celebration.

Rose – there are so many rose meanings, I will pick my favorite: Yellow. It’s meaning is zealousness, cheerful optimism and pure friendship.

yellow-rosephoto credit

Tulips – As with many flowers, each colored tulip has a different meaning. Yellow are the best to send a friendly message. For passionate love, pure red.

Sweetpeas are usually given by an extremely shy sender, to express intentions or a crush. How adorable!

sweetpeascan’t remember where I found this!

A flower may remind someone of a particular time in their life, or a certain emotion. Take a few extra minutes to find out a friends favorite color, then surprise them the next time you see them with a bloom the same hue; make some new happy memories of your own!

What is your favorite flower?