Take Five Friday

Hmmm…for today’s Take Five, I do believe I will blab about

The Top Websites I Could Not Live Without.

Keep in mind they are not the only websites I have to visit almost everyday, just the top in an extremely long list!

Film Drunk/What Would Tyler Durden Do?/ WarmingGlow

I realize I already failed at Top 5 in theory, but hear me out. These three sites are kind of in the same vein, hence they are one pick. If you enjoy snarkiness (which I think may have been the reason the Internet was invented), this trio is approaching the peak of Snarky Sh*tstorm.

MSN Health

They are excellent at keeping it simple. Firming Up Your Danger Zone (my words, not theirs), foods you’re not eating but should be, and plain and simple exercise moves for the office. Their short but handy articles give me the boost of fitness smarts I need to be confident in my food choices.

Posititvity Blog

I am addicted in the best way to this blog.  The guy that runs it is amazingly positive, always has a nice thing to say, and even his Twitter makes you all tingly with, well, positivity! My favortie articles so far are the Pearls of Wisdom, Bruce Lee’ s Top 7 Life-Shapers, and Things I Wish They Taught Me In School.



a tie! Because these two just have to both be on the list.

Awkward Things I Say To Girls, and Nie Nie Dialogues.

I strongly suggest for both of these blogs you go back to the ABSOLUTE beginning and read that way. They are both incredibly heartwarming, and really make you feel like these people are letting you into their world, baring their souls.


What are the blogs you just have to read?

2 thoughts on “Take Five Friday

  1. I’ve signed up with this tool the other day: favoritewords.com, Its so good, I love it so far and I would like you should join it.

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