Take Five Friday: Spring Edition!

So, in honor of the first day of spring, I thought This Take Five Friday would be the Top 5 Things I Am Looking Forward To In Spring!!

1. My Birthday! I am a Spring Baby (april 7th), so I am most definitely looking forward to a reason for everyone to give me hugs and wish me a special day! Stay tuned nearer for my birthday for a special article I like to call “Seven Things Aries Hate About You,” in rebuttal to Mystic Medusas’s Virgo rant.

birthdayphoto credit

2. Desert Botanical Garden’s Chihuly Glass exhibit It is only at the garden in AZ until the end of May, so I have to get out there and see it. I imagine a Dr. Suess-like wonderland. If it isn’t, I will still imagine it that way!

terry-rishel-chihuly-glassphoto credit

3. Some awesome movies coming sooooon! Away We Go, Drag Me To Hell, The Brothers Bloom (with its questionable grammar title), Little Ashes (even though it has Robert Pattinson), and maybe, perhaps, The Limits of Control (I am so getting some ridiculous glasses like the gal in the trailer!).

4. Etsy Storefront! One of my friends is opening an Etsy shop on April Fools, and I am doing an interview with her to find out what is going to be going down! I am so excited to see all the baubles she’s putting up! She’s a flippin Tiger Shopper!

hella-tuff-stuffetsy store opens April 1!

5. Enjoying the beautiful outside weather with my beau before it gets too ghastly hot and he won’t emerge from the air conditioning until late October. I love him to death, but he hates the heat. πŸ™‚

What are you going to be doing in the gorgeous springtime?

6 thoughts on “Take Five Friday: Spring Edition!

  1. Pepper,

    First of all, pepper is one of my MOST favorite things. I just must, must, must have my pepper! Therefore, you are already one of my most favorite things (er, people πŸ™‚ )…

    Happy birthday on the 7th! Mine is the 1st. Just love birthdays… Good luck to your friend for her opening of etsy April Fools Day…

    Where I am in the CA desert it is VERY hot too….115f. or so is not uncommon and I’m afraid I’m a bit like your guy….Not wild about the heat yet I do love the desert dryness and driving with the windows down at night…


    1. Very cool! I feel so loved! I absolutely heart pepper too, hence the name! Thanks for the birthday wishes! April Fools must be an interesting day for a birthday! I bet people think you’re joking when you tell them it’s your birthday! What part of CA are you in that it gets so hot? Death valley? Salton Sea? πŸ™‚ i’m thinking of doing a special article about how to survive summer in the desert and would love to hear your tips! But i wholeheartedly agree that driving through the desert with the windows down is heaven!!

  2. Yes, I’m not too far from the Salton Sea…in the Coachella Valley.

    Survival tips in the heat for newcomers would be helpful I’m sure. I’ve been here a couple of years now and so I’m not an expert but am acclimating well.

    I learned a few tips from others, some I knew about…

    A heat reflector for the windshield on the car is an absolute must (if you can find a tree to park under so much the better of course).

    Do errands in the morning A.S.A.P and then get your hide inside!

    Run standing fans, etc. adjascent to the A/C as to cut down on costs. I have a fan on year round even in the winter….that’s just me though…I like the movement..

    Take a water bottle with a battery operated fan to mist oneself if outside.

    Eat at restaurants that have outside misters if you want to enjoy nature during the summer season..

    Take an umbrella in the car in case of emergency. One time I had to ride a bus and walked to the bus stop with my umbrella…what a life saver…

    Hats and more hats…suncreen of course

    And a raft for the pool so one can still tan but be cool while doing so!

    Cotton clothes…I know someone who shops in Palm Springs and the store is called “Oh My Gauze”…everything she wears is gauze..

    Hope those are helpful. If any more pop up I’ll drop a line.


  3. Okay, well, the store is actually called “Good Gauze”…lol

    Not my particular style, but cool for summer…

  4. Something that is also kinda cool (literally…like about 30 degrees cooler), is San Jacinto Mountain.

    I’ve done it a couple of times but in the winter…

    What they say about doing it in the summer though, is that it’s like going from the floor of the Sonoran desert to Canada in 15 minutes…


    Maybe a helpful hint to others would be a day or weekend getaway to some place like that (local mountain range, etc..)

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