Write A Letter To Someone You Admire: Richard Matheson

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Dearest Rich,
I cannot express to you how much you have meant to me, even when I had no idea of who you were. You, Rod Serling and Charles Beaumont were my Mount Rushmore of TV screenwriters when I was a wee lass. Twilight Zone haunted my dreams, so there would be long periods when I had to stay away from it, lest my nightmares start again.

You are a master, and, indeed I consider, a father of the perfect twist ending. And yet you were well-aware that not every story had to have a twist; just to inspire thought within the reader/viewer was enough. There are very few people within the film world that have the vision to adapt your world, your perfect way of setting scenes and controlling characters.

I have longed toyed with the idea of making my own short movies: I love thinking up ideas for scenes, exactly how characters should react and where the camera should be. I would give anything to take the short story “The Distributor” and make a 16 or 8mm film with it. It would be so hard to make it not over-the-top and it would take a keen eye to keep the pace, but I would definitely revel in it. Mr. Matheson, please give me your blessing! 🙂

Take Five Friday: Never-Fail Smiles

What do you do that “never-fails” to make you smile?

Among other things, I have a list of websites:

Tiny Art Director

Awkward Things I Say To Girls

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My First Dictionary


This post on Cake Wrecks makes me laugh til I cry.


I like watching this video of my sis talk about things that piss her off while she’s putting on makeup. How she can be so mad and still put on mascara is amazing.

Etymology Day, Part Two

For Part 2 in an ongoing series of words and phrases I have wondered about their meanings, we are greeted with far-fetched and foible. For some reason, my days have been filled with wondrous f-words. No, not that f-word!

The adjective ‘far-fetched’ first appeared in the mid 1500’s replacing the earlier term ‘far-fet’ meaning forced or strained. ‘Fetched’ comes from the Old English ‘fecchen’ meaning to go and get. “Far-fetched’ describes something that was gotten from afar. It came to mean something that was unlikely or a far distance away from the truth.

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In 1648, a common word for the “weak point of a blade” was foible. Extending the meaning to “a weak point of character” was first in use around 1674.

Take Five Friday: Backing, Not Backup Bands

Side Note, before the post starts: I know I’m a little late to the table with Pandora, but it is really worth a click. I listened to Wanda Jackson all morning yesterday!

Anyway, onto the real story. Having an “opinion party” with my beau, we were discussing great backing bands; he brought some up, I countered. All in all, it was a great convo. Thinking about it more, i realized there were tons of bands we didn’t name, so I looked some up. So, here are my Top 5 Best Backing Bands. But, the rule for this was it had to be an actual backing band, not like Genesis or Wings. I’m talking true backup bands, with the singer’s name + backup band in the title. This was a tough choice, people. Here are the winners:

5. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (would also put Bob Marley and the Wailers with this choice) Here is a frontman with some stories to tell. Loves gained and lost, pure happiness, youth, unimaginable sorrow, and perhaps a bit of wacky tobackey thrown into the mix.

4. George Clinton and Paliament Funkadelic ( I would also have gone for Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention here) Having anyone, including a band of merrymakers and hepcats, that can get on your wavelength, pick up what you’re diggin’ out, beat with your drum, that is a special person indeed. You grab on and don’t let go. And, if you’re a part of either of these bands, you make groundshaking , eccentric, hip-hop psychedelic love music!

3. Iggy Pop and the Stooges ( I would also lump Joan Jett and the Blackhearts into this number as well) When you have a truly punk-rooted rock band tearing it up and egging fans into a frenzy, the last thing you want is egos getting in the way. Joan Jett and Mr. Pop made it very clear that they are here to rock, to bring themselves out for the fans and the music, and anyone who wants to jam with them is welcome, but watch for flying limbs and spit!

2. Smokey Robinson and the Miracles I fell in love with them through so many songs, and with 19 years on the charts, they had a ton. Anyone that can smoothly and beautifully transition for doo-wop to disco, I salute you.

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1. Janis Joplin with Big Brother and the Holding Company. They need no other proof that they are the face-meltingest, Number One backing band than this video:


Shoevies: Shoes in the Movies

I was so giddy when I thought of that title, it was ridiculous!

Anyway, I had been thinking about costume designers and how much effort they put in to making the costumes in a film look effortless. These characters are real, and their personalities shine through their clothes. You would never want to see Cher from Clueless in less-than-stellar outfits she matched herself. Nor would you imagine Holly Golightly in anything but her LBD. Shoes should be no different. In fact, this is my list of top appearances of shoes in the movies.

Iconic Red Shoes – Wizard of Ozclick-click-clickphoto credit

Of course, any Shoevie post has to start out with the mother of all Shoevies: The Wizard of Oz. Those shoes, both a blessing and a curse, helped guide Dorothy through an exhausting, perilous and downright unimaginable time in her life.  If you find a pair of chaussures that can hold up in that sort of tornado (he he), keep them for as long as you can.

Roller Girl – Boogie Nights

rollergirl-in-boogie-nightsI can’t remember where I found this one.

Roller Girl always fascinated me. She was so young, yet she was an independent, in-charge young woman. Yes, she had some major mom-issues,  a bit of a substance abuse problem and an unwillingness to relate to kids her own age. Underneath she had a great heart and a keen awareness of being open for impulsive opportunities-hence the roller skates!

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