Happy Birthday to the Editor! April 7th

Well, lovely readers, today is this editor’s birthday! Yes, April 7th is the magical odd-numbered day that I was brought into this world. Not to be self-centered (although I’m an Aries, so I really can’t help it!), but I share my day with some pretty big greats: Billie Holiday, Francis Ford Coppola, and, some people argue whether Buddha was born on this day! Pretty special people to be sharing a day with, if I do say so myself; I feel very lucky!


photo credit


photo credit (and why does Lucas look like he’s an extra from Miami Vice?)

photo creditbuddha1

I am going on an adventure today that will be filled with balloons, hiking, ice cream and smiles! I feel very lucky that I get to share it all with my beau and my pup, Tortilla. I am very blessed, and feel like an extraodrinary person in the universe.

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