Just a Couple Saturday Things

photo credittucson

It is a very overcast and strange day here in Arizona, so to keep in the mood of odd occurrences, I found some stories and thoughts I just had to share.

  • I am thinking about putting together a full-page zine, but am having trouble finding the right size paper in which to use. Would it just be double an 8×11, or would it be a bit larger?
  • This mom’s story about April Fools’ Day had me smiling effervescently.
  • I am sad that Zoe Anastacia does not have a blog, and that there aren’t any interviews with her or her sister. I might have to change that…
  • I haven’t been to the gym all week and I feel really awful. On the upside, my dad gave me a super-poppin’ GalaxyCowgirl Bike (why is it called that? cuz it’s silver and blue, and it rides the stars baby!) that I am so excited to ride around once the rain has dried up a bit.
  • I have been daydream-obsessed with Tumbleweed homes for quite some time, but in the spring, I always think of new, fresh starts and how amazing it would be to have a little house on a big plot of land in California. Where I could plant a garden and it would actually grow.
  • These beauty tips make me wanna do the Charleston.
  • And lastly, this:

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