Shoevies: Shoes in the Movies

I was so giddy when I thought of that title, it was ridiculous!

Anyway, I had been thinking about costume designers and how much effort they put in to making the costumes in a film look effortless. These characters are real, and their personalities shine through their clothes. You would never want to see Cher from Clueless in less-than-stellar outfits she matched herself. Nor would you imagine Holly Golightly in anything but her LBD. Shoes should be no different. In fact, this is my list of top appearances of shoes in the movies.

Iconic Red Shoes – Wizard of Ozclick-click-clickphoto credit

Of course, any Shoevie post has to start out with the mother of all Shoevies: The Wizard of Oz. Those shoes, both a blessing and a curse, helped guide Dorothy through an exhausting, perilous and downright unimaginable time in her life.  If you find a pair of chaussures that can hold up in that sort of tornado (he he), keep them for as long as you can.

Roller Girl – Boogie Nights

rollergirl-in-boogie-nightsI can’t remember where I found this one.

Roller Girl always fascinated me. She was so young, yet she was an independent, in-charge young woman. Yes, she had some major mom-issues,  a bit of a substance abuse problem and an unwillingness to relate to kids her own age. Underneath she had a great heart and a keen awareness of being open for impulsive opportunities-hence the roller skates!

Pink Shoes labeled ‘You’ and ‘Me’ – You, Me and Everyone We Know

This amazed me the first time I watched it. The fact that she so perfectly mimics, with her shoes, the relationship she is forming with Richard, and yet just a general fear between people. With. Her. Feet.

Gold Boots – Girl in the Gold Boots

girl-in-gold-bootsphoto credit

Nothing can really be said about this movie that Mike Nelson hasn’t already said.

Spicoli’s Surf Slip-ons – Fast Times at Ridgemont High

our-timeif you’re there, and i’m there, isn’t it ‘our’ time?

Jeff Spicoli. He is the forefather of the slacker side character. He is Bodhi’s decade older and cooler brother. Without Spicoli’s laid-back Yin to Mr. Hand’s tyrant-esque yang, there would be no bother even going to class at Ridgemont High.

Need a pair?

Gwenyth Paltrow’s Ankle Strengtheners – Iron Man

pepper-pottsphoto credit

The laws of gravity, ankle strength and running proportions do not apply to Pepper Potts.

The Dude’s Jellies

dude-in-limo1photo credit

“Watch it man, there’s a beverage!”

Never had a man wearing jellies been so enrapturing. I’m not sure that I could make the case that jellies are extremely comfortable, but I am assuming that they were left on the side of the road or were in his house when he moved in. And they “abided” him.

P.s. the best shoe of all time would arguably be Maxwell Smart’s from Get Smart, but since it was a tv show and not a movie, it is disqualified. And to those of you who think there was a movie made…*smuggles you in a bag into a darkened, locked closet* what were you saying?

4 thoughts on “Shoevies: Shoes in the Movies

  1. what a great post!

    I have been noticing shoes more lately – i noticed in ‘The Watchmen’ that Silk Spectre wears stilettos but during fight scenes they disappear and she fights in flat footed shoes. I was so bummed! I was thinking ‘bad a**’ this woman can fight AND look great. But the shoes were flat. Awwww.

  2. Dude, I believe you are referring to ‘Random Task.’ I think Odd Job was from some other film series which I can’t quite remember…

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