Write A Letter To Someone You Admire: Richard Matheson

mathesonphoto credit

Dearest Rich,
I cannot express to you how much you have meant to me, even when I had no idea of who you were. You, Rod Serling and Charles Beaumont were my Mount Rushmore of TV screenwriters when I was a wee lass. Twilight Zone haunted my dreams, so there would be long periods when I had to stay away from it, lest my nightmares start again.

You are a master, and, indeed I consider, a father of the perfect twist ending. And yet you were well-aware that not every story had to have a twist; just to inspire thought within the reader/viewer was enough. There are very few people within the film world that have the vision to adapt your world, your perfect way of setting scenes and controlling characters.

I have longed toyed with the idea of making my own short movies: I love thinking up ideas for scenes, exactly how characters should react and where the camera should be. I would give anything to take the short story “The Distributor” and make a 16 or 8mm film with it. It would be so hard to make it not over-the-top and it would take a keen eye to keep the pace, but I would definitely revel in it. Mr. Matheson, please give me your blessing! 🙂

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