Summer Survival

First and foremost, I would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to Sweetpea ( I don’t know if you have a blog or anything. If you do, send me a link.)  in the Coachella Valley. Sweetpea helped compose this list because, unlike me–a desert rat forever– she has just moved to the desert fairly recently and provided some new eyes on the desert, and how she copes.

Onward! So in Arizona we experienced our 3-4 weeks of spring and are now hurtling into the summer stupor of 100 degrees and up. For everyone else it’s slowly working up to summer sweats. So I thought in honor of our glorious summer doldrums and laziness we could provide some tips and tricks to styling your life around those ever so sweltering couple of months.

raspberries-my-favoritephoto credit

–Store a bowl of fresh cut fruit in the fridge while you’re doing your morning routine (blowdrying, makeup-slathering) and then when it’s breakfast time, bite into some chilly strawberries, refreshing raspberries, mouth-watering mango and delight in slightly-iced oranges!

keep-cool-girliephoto credit

–Go-Go-Gadget Fan! Bring out that floor fan and make like your in a Lenny Kravitz video! Vogue, strut your stuff, play air guitar like nobody’s business. You feel like a hot mama, burn some calories, but most importantly, you stay cool while you’re doing it!

–Watch movies that take place in winter, or in far off, cooler lands. The best I can think of would be Fargo, A Christmas Story and, perhaps, Scrooged. Don’t turn up the air conditioning, but maybe sit with an ice-pak on your neck for ambiance!

–Forgo your regular hair habits. I know some of you would rather die than give up your flatiron, but giving your hair a rest more often in summer is a very good idea. Getting a blowout at a salon may be pricey at first, but think of the benefits: you don’t have to wake up and sit under the blowdryer every day when you could be sleeping, you can have extra time to greet the day or eve -*gasp*- have breakfast! At $25-30, it will pay for itself in the extra time you accrue.

–A heat reflector for the windshield on the car is an absolute must (if you can find a tree to park under so much the better of course).

PA004132photo credit: corbis image

–Do errands in the morning A.S.A.P and then get your hide inside!

–Run standing fans, floor fans, or anything else but the a/c to keep costs down.

–Mist yourself while sitting with your fan(s).

hose-facephoto credit

–Eat at restaurants that have outside misters if you want to enjoy nature during the summer season…

hey-misterphoto credit

–Hats, hats and more hats

–Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen. No excuses. There are ways of getting a gorgeous tan that don’t require a lot of sun. But if you must, do it responsibly or you will look like a wallet before you’re 30.magda-something-about-mary

–Alas, another note for you sun-worshipers: if you start to look rather lobster-esque,

yowchphoto credit

this stickiness is your new best friend:

a-dollop-of-aloephoto credit

–Take any time you can to go to the lake with friends, or schmooze friends and family for use of their pools.

kiddie-pool-margaritasphoto credit

**A side note about summer footwear…namely flip flops or sandals. I am all for flip-flops as ultra casual, but they are not, I repeat NOT appropriate “going out” attire. there are plenty of options that are still close to flip-flops or sandals, but a tad dressier:


sand-monkey-eveningI love these sandals because they are definitely casual, but instantly up the dressy quotient with classy embellishments.

sand-monkey-strappyI adore these ones because of the natural, free-spirit-ness vibe. These are definitely for a bonfire party with your friends, and not appropriate at a party with your parents’ friends.


yellow-flip-flopsthese will never be sexy, quirky or cute.

socks-n-shoesSorry, Matthew. I know new dads can be a bit harried and unthinking in their wardrobe choices, but if it’s warm, wear flip-flops; if it’s cold, wear shoes and socks. Either or, not both.

Do you have any tips for staying cool in the summer?

My beau has had some ideas that involve a Snuggie that has a whole mess of pockets sewn inside for ice-paks. The first reverse Snuggie??

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