Mother’s Day for the Creative and Clever

There are tons of clichéd ways of making your mum feel loved this Mother’s Day – flowers, breakfast in bed, brunch – but if she really means anything to you, you’re thinking you might want to put a little more thought into a gift.

If visiting your mère requires airfare:

First, a handmade card is the best thing you could do. Even with the required primary-school macaroni and sparkles, it would mean a lot more than a trip to the Hallmark store. Having to think of your very own card shows her you would take time out of your schedule to think solely about her, and what she would like. For at least 18 years she had thought about what would make you happy, right? Returning the favor by taking a half an hour to make and send her a card is the ultimate.

Second, if you are allergic to craftiness in any form, you could at least help out an artist. Look on etsy for some truly one of a kind and memorable cards and creations.

you-still-look-goodThis (well, pretty much any) card from ableandgame is fantastic for the mom who likes to laugh, but still be touched.

If your mom has a wicked-dry sense of humor, this is sure to tickle her: mom-you-dont-suckinside it says: “you don’t suck as much as I thought you did.”

Or even better, if you have a friend who is somewhat an artist, commission them to draw you something. Incorporate some colors or themes she likes, and it could be perfect enough to be framed and hung on the wall!

Because she lives so far away, Mom doesn’t always get to see you as much as she would hope, so you can send her some Polaroids of you holding flowers for her, working hard, or even just a funny pic. She will enjoy seeing you happy and smiling.

A video message, for the tech-savvy mother, is a novel way to express your love. A short chat, a puppet show incorporating your mom, even just reciting a poem you wrote for her, is a great way to show her you care. And it will always be there, whenever she wants to watch you.

For the “green” mom, dedicating a tree in her name is an excellent idea, with no waste.

thanks-for-helping-me-grow-momphoto credit

For all you others who make the Sunday trek to see your mum in person, here are some more ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

I really like playing with eggs. Hollowing them out and putting things inside of them, and for Mothers’ Day, that could make a strong metaphor for…well, you. Her little egg, tough against the world, yet oh-so-fragile. Something I have been toying with for my mom is a little egg surprise: empty a shell, run water through it then dry completely. While it’s drying, write little memories you have of times you have spent with her: first day of school jitters, dressing wounds, telling stories about her childhood, preparing thanksgiving/xmas/birthday foods, drinking alcoholic drinks with her for the first time. Roll them and stuff them into the eggshell. Decorate a little box like you’re presenting her with a Faberge egg – velvet-lined, rhinestones, stained-glass-like, whatever. Then when she opens it and looks confused, you can tell her to break it and it will guarantee she will ask, “how long did this take you?” and you can reply, “it was nothing compared the time it took you to make me.” (insert ‘awwwws’ here)

Buy her admission to her favorite museum, or a play she has been meaning to go see. See that right there? That shows you have been paying attention when she says, “I want to go see _insert play/exhibit_”

Something I think she will thoroughly enjoy if she is a party person or a friendly gal: instead of a mothers’ brunch, Mom’s Night Out! Get a group of moms together and give them a night on the town! Nightlife moms have their hangouts, so buy them a gift certificate and let them spend it on a round for the gals!

bar-momI adore this pic. She was ordering a vodka in order to appreciate the music better.

Instead of a boring ol’ cookbook, spice it up: have each of her friends/family members write their specialty recipe on a recipe card, then have them scrawl a little IOU on the bottom. She will have tons of yummy recipes, and the option to have it cooked by someone who knows how it’s done, and create some new memories!

I like taking my mom to get new shoes for her birthday/mothers day, with one stipulation: they can’t be “sensible work” shoes.

And, lastly, I thought I’d exit with a little homage to the great moms in History and Film:

virgin-maryMary, mother of Jesus. Your religions may be varied, and a lot of myths surround her, but you’ve got to admit, her son was pretty cool guy. Anyone who has the kind of patience to raise him, well, she’s definitely a saint.

sarah-connorSarah Connor, John Connor‘s mother from the Terminator series. Like any woman who has been told her son is destined for great things, she is scared, confused and nervous at first. But she easily slides into the role of protector and guardian and is a hero in her own right.

family-of-geniusesEtheline Tenenbaum, matriarch of the family. A noted archaeologist and author, her children, no matter how crazy, neurotic and secretive they are, were always her top priority.

What clever things do you like to do to celebrate your mother?

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