Happy Birthday, Salvador Dali!

Salvador Dali. The man himself. This Dali’s birthday, I wanted to do something special. But, how do you pay homage to a man who was so many things to so many people, including out of his mind and a genius? Easy! Visit his house! Well, since I can’t pay for that airfare, next best thing? Midnight Party! I am obsessed with night and so of course my inner strangeness reared their head when I was thinking of ways to honor my favorite painter. Tonight I will be sitting up at midnight to work on some artistic endeavors, all while wearing a mustache of epic proportions.

dali-gravephoto credit

I would definitely take a gravestone rubbing kit, make a rub, then frame it on my wall.

dali-inflatablephoto credit

dali-graffitiphoto credit

dali-graffiti2photo credit


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