So Sorry! Cough Cough

im sick and my tshirt is tooroll over, I can’t read your shirt!

I profusely apologize for not keeping up to date and effervescent the last week. I have been trying to fight a sandpaper strep throat with my bare hands. Although he had been gaining ground the first couple rounds, rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. with a trip to the store for about 7 packages of raspberries (there on sale at Sprouts and Safeway, lucky me!) and a little positive TLC from the beau, I just might make a full recovery! Thanks for your patience! I know you’re all itching to hear the next things I have planned, so I will give you some hints: container/fairy garden, underwater film, pink panther exploits in the desert, postcards, and even a few things put up for sale at my friend’s shop! Toodles! It’s time to head on back under the covers for some blackest of the black tea and watching THS with Charlie Murphy! 🙂

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