T-shirt Stylings Number One: Homage

Skimming through my to-do list, while happily actually crossing off some of the things I have actually started to finish this summer (when technically it isn’t even summer yet!!), I came across my t-shirt ideas and had a fit I hadn’t started doing some yet. So, I got to work on my Homage to The Beatles and Law & Order SVU in one fell swoop!

Unfortunately I have never had too much luck with t-shirt transfers, but I try my best before resorting to sharpie. (On another note, I made an awesome t-shirt for a YYYs concert several years ago with sharpie that was the bee’s knees, so there.) Anywho, back to the sad tale of the misfit t-shirt transfer material. For some reason this particular material did not feel the need to stay on my t-shirt. Maybe its views were different on where it wanted to end up in life, like on a Community Action t-shirt, or a Family Reunion ’09 Sweatshirt, but only half of it liked my SVU idea and decided to stick around. But something amazing happened. Going through the wash and only coming out halfsie made the transfer looks infinitely more awesome. A bit more worn, like I’ve had the shirt since the show began; waaaay back in 1999.

I was inspired by the Beatles shirt and its fans have since thought of countless other pairings that will work equally well. What are those, you ask? Well, you will just have to stick around and see! For now, here’s my brand new (or is it?) SVU shirt:


IMG_2834this one you can see the “Munch” better.

So, does this inspire you to create your own Homage shirt? If you are interested in seeing a couple other hilarious t’s, visit my old pal’s page, and maybe we can goad him into making another, to try and top this beauty!

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