Take Five Friday: Thankful This Week

This week has been a rush of random universe-bending things, and I thought I should take the time to acknowledge them, lest the karma kick me:

alejandromy “little” brother, who is taller than me.

1. Brother’s Birthday – my brother has been a little down lately, so I am really excited to cheer him up Sunday with a brunch, homemade with family, swim-time like all us kids used to do, and presents to make him smile. I will also be making him a card like this.


2. Daydreaming ideas for summer camp with cabins and friends – inspired by tumbleweed homes, I began thinking how awesome it would be to gather all of my different walks of friends together for a long weekend of campfire stories, midnight flashlight tag, s’mores, and perhaps a mud fight or two. What made me more happy was that every single one of my friends I asked (about 26 people) was completely gung-ho about it. Some even asked when it was happening and how much $ they could contribute to it! So looks like I have some schematics to work out! Which makes me excited because that means more lists to make up!

3. Summer issues of Esquire – well, really, any issue, but I got my new issue in the mail today and wanted to cry when I flipped open to a ‘fashion spread’ better than any womens’ magazine spread. More to come on this revelation in a future post.


4. Perfecting my chocolate chip cookies – most people wouldn’t put as much thought into this as I have. But when you have made them as many times as I have – so much that you have the recipe memorized – you start to think about the intricate balance of chemistry involved to make these perfect balls of wonder. This week I made them with a little bit more salt, a little less vanilla and I must say, wow. I wish I could give you all one. I am humble when needed, but I take pride in my cookies.

5. Ebert Binge – the beau and I have been on a jag, reading and sharing Ebert reviews all week. Because that’s the sort of nerdy romantic stuff we do. Some made me laugh, some made me cry, and some I felt like he had been sitting next to me recording how I felt.  So I was very excited that he rated The Hangover 3 and a half stars. The man knows how to write. Speaking of great reviewers, here’s my old pal’s reviews of second-weekers Up and Drag Me to Hell (I recommend seeing them in a double feature).

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