Take Five Friday, Monday Edition: Links

It’s not Friday, therefore the Take Five does not apply either. I thought I would give you a few extras since you had to wait all weekend.

It is Link Day! No, not that Link. Lucky for you, my little glamazons, all these links are fan-freakin-tastic:

  • Miss Mae Undead did an interview with Your Humble Narrator this weekend, and it chronicles my zine obsession.


she’s way hotter than Tura Satana.

  • My favorite artist Ramsey is always open to freelance work. If you have a summer flyer, a concert poster, even a birthday card (which I will be propositioning her with soon) and you can’t even sharpen your pencil correctly, much less draw, she is the girl for the job!

ramsey at home

  • The official presidential candy is

photo by Lea and Luna101mms love freedom

  • A hilarious, good friend of mine will be playing big band Mondays this summer at RT O’Sullivan’s in north Glendale. If you’re in the area, stop by. If you like good music and happiness, that is.

the steve

  • The ‘Corpse Flower’ at the Huntington Botanical Garden is set to bloom any day now – check on it’s status here!

titan arum flower

  • Speaking of amazing gardens, I recently found out about Helen Nodding and all of her amazing greenery ideas. My favorites are the Secret Worlds and Weed enclosures.

secret worlds

  • AAAAnd, This amazing video:



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