Watermelon Plant, My Number Two Garden Triumph

I am completely shocked I have managed to keep my watermelon plant alive since I received it AT EASTER! This could be a record (beside my Number One Garden Triumph, Jade Plant- but who kills a jade plant?) that I intend to work hard at continuing.

view from abovemelon and potour roots run deep yo

*Sports announcer*: “So, Jessica, what was going through your mind in these tender first months of germination?”

*Me, sweating, holding a watering can in one hand*: “Well, it all really boiled down to who wanted it more: the sun or me. And this is one battle I didn’t want to lose. I held up a strong ‘D’ and was able to walk away with the big W. I think my main focus was remembering to water, and also a  little help from Miracle Gro.”

2 thoughts on “Watermelon Plant, My Number Two Garden Triumph

  1. Wouldn’t Miracle Gro be a performance enhancer in this situation? Because you might not want to disclose that to anyone, least of all to a sportscaster…

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