Take Five Friday: On Time and With a Devilish Grin

For this (timely) Take Five, I would like to list some daydreams I have been floating around in my head for this past week:

1. Preparing a split zine with Miss Mae.

2. Being so inspired by colormekatie (expect some beachbath and heart sticker posts!) that I am going to decorate my bedroom like this: 


3. Decorating a cottage-esque house that is not a rental.


4. Having my beau and his two best friends re-create this picture:


5. And vowing to go on a dairy fast (with the exception of the odd grilled cheese now and then) because of the overwhelming ickiness I have felt this week.

Honorable mentions go to: one of my bosses singing a lounge version of Biz Markie’s “Just a Friend,” my beau saying a unintenionally sweet thing about one of his friends, when it comes to unacceptable, lame gamer conduct; our one-year anniversary escapades (the only reason it isn’t in the Five was I already wrote a post about it!) and genuinely liking the Brothers Bloom until the last 20-30 minutes; Laurie Notaro. She’s actually so great she might get a post all to herself one day…

What are you happy about this week?


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