Take Five Friday: Tortilla the Dog

Sunday is my little puppy Tortilla’s birthday. His unconditional love makes the world go ’round.  So, of course, this post shall be dedicated to him and the crazy things he does.

1. He Came Into Being- tortilla 001This picture is of him maybe a week after I got him. When I picked him he was too young to leave his mother, so the breeder marked him with nail polish. I was afraid it would never come off or he would lick it, but her never did. His ears stayed so floppy I thought they would never stand straight up! um, p.s. those are not my arms, but my neighbor’s!

2. His adorable Napoleon Complex. He thinks he’s a Doberman. Seriously, he tried to attack a horse one time. Luckily the horse just looked at him with pity eyes and moved on. But he keeps my parent’s German Shepherd in check, even though she has a good 85 lbs. on him. Although it makes him a bit anti-social with big dogs, once he gets to know you, he is a doll.

Camera august through february 227his best T-Rex impression.

3. As much as he tries not to be, he is an awesome Poser. Not poseur, but one who sits for pictures. If I can time it right, he is usually perfectly content to sit for 3 or 4 pics before he gets tired of sitting one way. Then there are the thousands of moments without a camera that I adore even more.

glendale daily 011he thought he saw a bird outside, so he was huffing and ready to snarl. Then went back to licking his crotch.

4. He is an Excellent Watchman- If he could, he would sit at his “perch” (the front window) all day and night, watching people get their mail, making sure they mosey about their way. He is a great alarm, and even when our friends come in he goes nuts, he usually calms down with a treat.

glendale daily 007he saw a little kid walking to school and licked his lips.

5. His strange tendencies – from sleeping in little hollows he burrows, drinking anything with alcohol in it,  to “burying” his bones in my Snuggie (not cool, BTW), he has some strange things he does. The one I derive the most pleasure from is his sock love. For some reason he could care less about my socks, but he goes CRAZY for the beau’s! he rubs himself all over them, flings them in the air, wrastles them on his back, it is so flippin adorable I can’t contain myself.


first the shoefirst, the shoe…

tortilla with sock on toplike a madman, he smells…

eager“What do you mean, that was the only two socks?!”

Happy 5th birthday, Tortilla Littlejeans Alexander (yes, that is his real name). Here’s to another 10 years.

6 thoughts on “Take Five Friday: Tortilla the Dog

  1. Hok does pretty much all of the same things a tortilla. His 4th B-day will July 13. Yay, for sweet boys!

  2. BEST POST EVOOOOW!!!!!!!!!! I love the pups tortillas ur getting soooo old damn! I love my first and only nephew!!!!

  3. OMG! the odd things our little ones do are identical! Pup is constantly burrowing, flings and chews socks insensately and she is quite the lush herself. im thinking maybe a play date?!?!? it could be the spark of a new romance! awwww!

    Happy Birthday Tortilla!


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