A Tidy Little Budget Plan


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Times are tougher, this we know. What have you been doing about it? Me-I have been asking myself more and more on shopping trips, “do you need this right now, or will it still be here months or a year from now?” If the answer is yes, back it goes. I have had to let go of some things that just aren’t feasible right now (painting my kitchen), and worried about bills and taking care of things that matter (the beau, Tortilla and my own health). It has been extremely hard to live within a much smaller realm of spending (i’m used to going on Savers and Joann’s binges), and I have experienced a few setbacks (such as living off $33 for a month after paying all my bills), but I feel like I need to stay encouraged and focused.

I love reading MSN Money Articles, especially about saving up an emergency fund.

But something I read (well, watched) on Get Rich Slowly really helped me simplify spending and give me financial hope for even a dope like me. 

I like the idea of a graph, not completely beating yourself up for slip-ups, and the balance of consciously making decisions of where your money goes (football game vs. week savings).

How do you save money?

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