Take Five Friday: Fabulous Fourth Edition!

It’s Fourth o’ July! Not only is it a great time to give thanks for freedom (well, some freedoms: at least we don’t have quarter soldiers, and to hell with Prohibition!)  Here’s what I am excited about this upcoming long weekend:


1. Sparkler Magic – I’m bringing a bunch of sparklers up for all my little cousins (and big cousins too) to play with, since I don’t want any firecrackers in their little hands. If I’m lucky I will be able to keep them focused long enough to spell some words.

cousins happy hourphoto credit

2. “Cousins Happy Hour-” I am so incredibly excited I was invited to this I could cry! I feel like I’m at the cool kids’ table with all my favorite cousins.

whisky row

3. Prescott – my favorite little town in the whole world. The majority of my family lives here, it’s much cooler than the Valley but only 2 hours away, and there are so many amazing antique stores, restaurants, cowboy silliness and cool historic homes. I will be coming back with tons of pictures!!

writingphoto credit

4. Writing – On Sunday, I am giong to go on a bit of a writing and imagining bender. I have a few ideas that need to be a bit more fully formed, and a few budget things to work over, so Sunday is the day! The big reason I’m excited for it is that a lot of LISTS will be involved!


5. cleaning – I am trying new and exciting ways of motivating myself to clean, and the next one will be to close my eyes whilst throwing out papers. Just kidding! It will be though my alter ego, June Clever! Like Alice, from the United States of Tara.

What are you doing this Fabulous Fourth?

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