Ladies to Love: Frida Kahlo

Happy Birthday, Frida!

I gotta give her mad props for the glorious unibrow alone, but she rocked the world with her strong and vocal opinions on politics, Mexican and folk art, and the role of woman in society.

I decided to recreate her signature look (braid in hair, white blouse with shawl and flowers in the hair) in honor of her birthday.

Frida Kahlooriginal pic

Frida twomy version.

Oh, how the beau laughed when he walked in on me drawing on my Frida-brow!

For more information on the inspiring painter, visit the Complete Works site, the “Kahlo Museum,” or this amazing lady’s Influential Women Artists’ site (thanks, Suzie Q.!).

UPDATE! While perusing the internet I stumbled across this amazing little girl’s Frida-inspired birthday party! le swoon!

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