My New Purse and My Feelings Which I Keep In It

Well, while enjoying the absolutely amazing weekend (it happened pretty much like I said it would!), I got to go shopping at a new Goodwill in Prescott with my aunts and grandma, and we had a blast! My aunt bought a heavy wooden fish to keep in her truck as a weapon, my cousin got a pinky out robe that eerily almost had her initials embroidered on it, and I got a cool baseball poster for the beau, and THE MOST AWESOME VINTAGE PURSE EVER. I love it so much I was seriously contemplating sleeping with it last night. I might have had perfect buttery brown dreams.

What’s that you say? Forget the talk, let’s see the pictures? well, alright then Miss Impatient, here’s the eye candy:

my purse 002There is no amount of macro that could show you how amazing this purse is. You will just have to feel it for yourself. If you see me on the street, just come on up and ask me. I will gleefully let you touch The Purse and say, “See? I told Ya!”

p.s. my gnome collection liked it too, just like they approved of my rice krispie treats, in case any of you are keeping tabs of what they enjoy. They did not, however, enjoy the spiders crawling all over them. It was like Burping Betsy.

3 thoughts on “My New Purse and My Feelings Which I Keep In It

    1. Thanks. I like my titles to be funny, but people still know what the post will entail. and yeah, i didn’t want it to be an invitation for groping, always ASK before touching a beautiful purse.

  1. Also, I’m glad you didn’t tell folks “If you see me on the street, just come right up and touch it.” Cause sooner or later, someone will run up and grab it, and you’ll be all, “Why, you must have read my post! Give my wonderful purse a good feel.” And the guy will be all, “Actually, I’m robbing you. Thanks for the purse, crazy and trusting-to-a-fault lady.”

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