Take Five Friday: The Whites, Dude

For some reason I got a tsunami wave of white ideas flowing over me. Maybe it’s because in the summer when it’s 95 degrees at 1:30 in the morning, it’s too hot to wear anything but white. Maybe it’s because I flipped through one of my ideabooks and realized it’s filled. Which means I get to go buy a new one, and since they come in two packs – double the crisp, white pages of endless possibilities and LISTS.

Well anywho, here are the top 5 white things on my mind (having nothing to do with with people):

5. Amazing toothbrush holder- toothbrushokay, technically this little cutie is off-white, but I love sarcastic anthropomorphized objects.

4. Hanes Tagless Tees

perfect tperfect for lounging around the house on Sundays, or keepin it cool by rolling a pack of cigs into the sleeve like a greaser, or, as I am planning, making a bunch of random, ridiculous t-shirts. You saw my first attempt, but prepare to be amazed and laugh at the second.

3. Embroidered Mexican Dresses

minimexiphoto credit

They remind me of my grandma, toiling in the kitchen of her beautiful vintage house, making tortillas, enchiladas and beans all while entertaining everyone with hilarious stories that go nowhere. I need to find one and DIY it to fit.

2. “Clean Slate” Keds

white kedOh my goodness, don’t these just scream with possibility? You could dye them to match your favorite purple summer dress, or have your friends write their favorite quotes on them. White=white for not very long in my book!

1. Ruffled Undies/Bloomers/Pantaloons!


What is your favorite white accessory? No white people jokes people!!

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