Take Five Friday: Fresh as a Daisy

I have to laugh at that title, because I woke up extremely groggy, and a bit blurg, so I’m hoping that posting these tips for staying fresh and cool will snap me out of my…daze.

5. Buy some fresh flowers for your work, home, friends.

oh la la orchids
4. Add a few drops of peppermint essential oil to your water. It also helps with stomach aches that way too! One more tip, for headaches: you can rub a drop into each temple and it washes away the pain!! Peppermint rocks my world!!

peppermintphoto credit

3. Use parsley. Yes, the herb that is usually just hanging out, taking up space on your plate at a restaurant. Make sure it doesn’t have any grease on it and drop it in your glass. It infuses your glass with its herby-richness and when you’re done with the meal, chew on a sprig; it helps freshen breath.

mmmm couscousmmm…couscous.

2. Mist mist mist. Cheaper than a bottle of Evian Skin Care Brumisateur (atomizer) I really like doing this. Even doing it yourself, you can transport yourself to a lounge chair next to the pool, with someone fanning you and another giving you a back rub while feeding you grapes.

splish splashspritz spritz

1. Wet Wipes. I love them because you can keep them stashed in your purse and when you become “inelegant,” you can wipe them across your brow for a cooling and pleasant-smelling sweat control.

eco friendly wipes



How do you refresh yourself?

Fresh as a Daisy 008

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