Summer List, It Begins

I have decided that instead of making a zine of “things I want to do this summer” like I did last summer, of things to do, I would draw the (not-in-any-way-artistic) pics and place them in a spot I would always see them!

Summer List Whole

First one to mark off the list: tubing down the Salt River.

Summer List Tubing Closeup

It’s almost become a tradition to go with my mom, and anyone else we can grab for an entire day of lounging, sharing funny stories, throwing slimy marshmallows and getting a nice base tan. Or, like in my case this year, a little scalp-burn. I couldn’t brush my hair with a hard-bristled brush for weeks!!

More to come!

Have any of you lovely summer sirens started a list of must-do’s this summer?


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