Philo-Philatelic Museum: For the Love of Stamps

FAM tour kickass lincoln color page

I had the most amazing luck to get to go on a tour of the Postal History Museum and Philatelic Library and Children’s Areas. As a letter-writing nerd (I’m sure you’ve seen that i am a member of the Letter Writers’ Alliance, non?), it was seriously like going to Graceland. They have a working Post Office, ridiculous amounts of ephemera from old Post Offices (even an old Pony-Express era mailbag on the wall), and special rooms just for kids. They do a lot of work with children, showing them the stories stamps can tell, and they even have alphabet coloring stamps for the wee ones! They have a library filled with so many old books about every kind of stamps you could imagine (even ones you couldn’t), and the smell made me swoon. I will stop waxing poetic about the museum, but if you ever get a chance while you’re in Tucson, go go go. It’s right next to the University, and it’s definitely worth the trip.

I know you really wanna see the pics, so here we go!

FAM tour post office front deskFAM tour letter for youthey had even put old calligraphy-laden letters in the slots.

FAM tour naco post officeFAM tour number rubbersFAM tour another po box

Anyone out there wanna penpal? 😛

One thought on “Philo-Philatelic Museum: For the Love of Stamps

  1. Oh, I must visit this place! Such postal envy!!! Wow. Your photos are really stellar. I got here through your Flickr photos, which I found when you favorited some of mine.

    My address is on my blog – I am always up for penpalling with another letter writer. (Oh, and I’m a member of LWA, too!)

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