Review: The Dead Weather’s “Horehound”


You know how when you hear whale songs, they’re so soothing, and beautiful-all echo-y in the water? Imagine how it would sound if it was on land. I’m thinking AWFUL, screeching. Submerged in their niche, they are absolutely perfect. Such is the Dead Weather.

I really liked the album, don’t get me wrong. We’ll get to that in a moment. Now for those a little fuzzy, the lineup is as follows: Allison Mosshart (the Kills)  Dean Fertita (Queens of the Stone Age), LJ (Jack Lawrence, of the Raconteurs), and of course Jack White. They shame every other jam band (well, modern jam bands) with their awesomeness. But I have to admit, when you put Jack White into the equation, you can’t help but shift perspectives. You put his bands on a higher pedestal, with more scrutiny.

I adore delta blues; dirty, twangy, busted-up guitar blues. Jack White digs it and, lucky us, he knows how to give it the dirt it needs. Jack’s soul is in the guitar, and when he plays the drums, the band is a different entity. A certain twang is gone. Not missing, because if the White were on guitar, it would be the Raconteurs, and they’re not trying to step on toes. They just wanted to create something new.

Underwater Raconteurs. Or, something to the effect.

I don’t know why I keep going back to the underwater metaphor, but I feel it best describes it. None more apparent than on the song “Rocking Horse” it seems they actually are underwater in a swamp–and they couldn’t be more at home.

“Three Birds” might be my 2nd favorite song. There are parts that sound a bit Korn-esque, but still takes you to a new level of underwater Dead Weather exploration. Allison Mosshart has a Joan Jett growl in the most amazing cover of Bob Dylan’s “New Pony,” which gives me a chill whenever she purrs, “come over here pon-y!” I actually didn’t like the song when I first started listening to it, but it has grown into my favorite song on the album.

For more Dead Weather info or buy the album online, check out their site. Also, here’s a review from my ol’ friend Echo.

My rating? 12 teacups out of 15 Creatures of the Black Lagoon.

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