Summer List The Fourth

Secret Letters

Summer List Secret Letters

(I’m not blind-those blue boxes give off quite a blinding light in the heat of the day though!)

okay, well, probably not as secret as I thought.

I am probably the only one who sends letters within my group of friends, so I am pretty positive they all knew it was me, despite the fact that I sent out more than 2 dozen letters and only one person emailed me to tell me they got one (thanks LJ!). Or, maybe I am sneakier than I thought? *devilish grin* If that’s the case, I have some more postal-induced smiles to send!

*sneaks into letter-writing office…actually guest room*

Take Five Friday: Double Tees Edition

The Beau had sent me the “Rirruto” shirt, telling me he wanted to get that one for me, and as I started perusing and thinking about more awesomely almost obscure tees, I kept finding more and more. Thought I would grace you with a Take Ten of tees for the back to school (or maybe wear them under your work shirts) sets:

tshirt poly setshirt info here

Clockwise, from top:

1. The Wire

2. Flight of the Conchords

3. Married with Children

4. Slap Shot

5. Breaking Away (seriously people, go out and netflix this one)

6. Billy Madison (“I hate school and I hate all of you. I’m never coming back, never!”)

7. Rookie of the Year

8. Monster Squad

9. Simpsons (“My son is also named Bort.”)

10. Duck Tales (Please tell me you guys started singing the theme song after you saw what it was?)

Trust me, this is most definitely not the last time I will have a t-shirt post. I have at least a dozen more tees in the closet!! It also gives me some great ideas for more T-shirt Stylings!

Do you have a favorite obscure movie t-shirt?

Fifteen Fictional (For Now) Books

I don’t know why I got this idea, but I had all these random names and ideas swirling around, I thought I would post a couple of the basic synopses with some of my now-infamous (crude) drawings I imagine the covers to look like. Thanks to this I am now fully obsessed with the “I Can Read Movies” Flickr set and this vintage fiction reference.

Here is the comprehensive list:

The Style of the Elements An astronomical story of impeccable dressing and snobby vagabonds, wandering about the world

Need: The Ultimate Monkeya femme fatale twist with elements of Way of the Gun. The title is from a quote in the movie.

The Backgammon Club: A Burlesque Novelle a story about my burlesque club I will one day start, next to my Beau’s movie theatre diner

Polly Havenhurst and the Poultry-geist Thriller a kids’ book in which the female protagonist, much like Coraline, needs no boy, or anyone else, to save her or help her.

Majestic Lookout a fictional story about a most mysterious spot in Phoenix, the Cloud 9 lounge

Ressaca to Remember hangovers and la vida dulce in Honduras

Suburban Glamour how we changed our mundane, plain and same-as-everyone-else house into something we are proud to own. Veggie garden, complete with part treehouse part office, kids are welcome one day a week for tutoring

Kiki Cade and the Summertime Swing Gang fourth of july parade down the street with sparklers attached to back or handlebars, making a list of things to do and setting out to do them over the whole summer

The Fabulist of Briarwood Circle The Beau and his amazing story-telling powers

I Don’t Know You a tale of pushing everyone out of your life, saying you need to figure out who you are, until you realize all those people helped shape who you are. you have to tear down the wall. Sounds cliché, but give me the benefit of the doubt, people.

Chicago of My Dirty Dreams me ‘n’ The Beau’s chicago-noir tale.

Garter Snaps and Other Fiendish Mischief flapper types meet up for a turf war with 40’s glam girls and 50’s housewives. Chapter 3: Paper Flowers and Other Forms of Small Delights

Containable to Sustainable nothing to do with “green” movement

Loosely Organized Structure In Blue

Clothespins and Beer

Stay tuned for some absolutely stunning (-ly bad) covers of my own creations!

Summer List and Exciting Endings


Summer list Car Pay

For the record I’m not right-handed either; but I had to use it as a hand model.

I didn’t want to take away the splendor of Take Five to announce it Friday, and I didn’t want to lessen the amazingness of this moment by just tacking it on the Take Five.

I am so incredibly happy. Now I am free to use that extra cash for slightly responsible (glasses and dentists) and sometimes frivolous (train tickets) things!

As a big thank you to my car for carrying me on some strange journeys, I gave the little Silver Star (L’Etoile d’Argent) some much-needed TLC. An oil change and a once-over, complete with vacuum. Boy, those floor mats were DIRRRTY!

car tlc floor mats

We have traveled to Vegas a couple times, L.A. more than a couple, Tucson over a dozen, Flagstaff a couple, Prescott more than a dozen, and even though she’s a little worn, I wouldn’t trade her for anything. The big thing that is on my mind now is: now that she’s all paid off, I am allowed to start decorating her, but I am wholly unsure how to go about it. I don’t want it to be too hippie-crazy (like my old one), but I do want something that will express me. I’m thinking it may just be painting black and white scenes , with bits of red. I may have to re-name it the Noir Car!

Take Five Friday: Back to School

Be thankful you don’t have to be near these people and their school hi-kinks. Observe from a distance!

5. Heathers. Where mean to the extreme high school clique girl movies began.

big funphoto credit

4. Welcome to the Dollhouse. Insecurities suck.

3. Jawbreaker. Rose McGowan was born to play this role.


2. Battle Royale. Could you kill your best friend?


photo credit

Without the bad, we really can’t appreciate the good. Such as:

1. Stand and Deliver. So so so good.

I’ll leave you with this – cherish your moments in school.

“Find what it is you’re good at doing and do it for the rest of your life. For me, it’s going to Rushmore.”

-Max Fischer

Books I Cherish: Part Two

In this series of posts, called “Books I Cherish,” I will focus on a certain story, book, or even author who has touched my life in a profound way. As everyone’s experience is different, my views will differ with the “critics” and others views.

womenfolk spine

This BIC is Womenfolk and Fairy Tales, edited by Rosemary Minard, with illustrations by Suzanna Klein.

I grew up on this book. I don’t quite remember when I got it, but I know for a fact I was enraptured from the beginning. First off, all the tales are about women using their cunning and wit to escape evildoers, rescue friends and family, or win a mate. They don’t have to be particularly beautiful (though some of them are) to be worthy of a story. My favorite story in the entire book is about 3 tiny women that live in the hills of Japan who teach a sumo wrestler the meaning of true strength. Also worth noting is the achingly wonderful East of the Sun, West of the Moon.

three strong women

This ranks up there with Coraline as a positive little girl book and recommend buying it for friends, family, and any little girl who needs a strong affirmation that magic, strength and courage are not just for guys.